Magda Horak

Thank you for coming back to us. Apology for the late email. Also would like to thank you and the Sales person that called me this morning. 10 Star service. Hope that we can get the TV fixed today.

Charmaine Human | Anita Botha

Hello Judy, I would like to thank you for all your assistance with all our TELJOY products. We would truly like to thank you for your assistance when I call and request Teljoy products. You are always so happy and so friendly, and we appreciate it so much, you can brighten anyone up who is feeling sad and forgotten.. You are truly an asset to the company. Keep up your good spirit and good heart and excellent work. YOU ARE A SUPER STAR. Once again thank you for all your help and care. May God bless you.

Duncan Van Der Kullid‎

Good Day Teljoy I have typed up a review on Hello Peter, but somehow it disappeared from the website. Well here it is again. Excellent customer service from Kavitha Le Roux. I have had an account with Teljoy for over 10 years and have somehow been overcharged for the last few years, when I moved over to a 'rent-to-own' contract. I did not know I was being overcharged, but I queried something else and got to speak to Kavitha, who was helpful and friendly from the word go. She picked up that I was being charged for a set I did not have anymore. She started the investigation and made an effort of informing me where she was and how she was making progress with the investigation. This investigation lead to me getting a pay-out, of the fees that I was overcharged. Thank you Kavitha. You are a rockstar.

Barry L. Ward

May I please ‘sing your praises’... The entire service you guys offer is outstanding. I am more than overjoyed! Please also extend my compliments to Leigh-Ann and Sbu, the gent who conducted my delivery from your Durban branch – simply outstanding! It is nothing but a pleasure to deal with your organisation and your personnel.

Kirsty Fonzari

WOW, what an impressive turn of events! Thank you so much to Masesi Khamkham for the amazing service and for taking the pain away for me. You have turned me around completely. I wish more company's understood what customer service is all about. You ROCK!

Jacques Neizel

A while back our TVs power supply packed up and I was browsing online and came across Teljoy Easyfix. I did a quick online enquiry not expecting any response knowing the nature of the service industry and within 10 minutes after my enquiry, I received a phone call. From there on the service was impeccable. I would like to say thank you to Bontle Maboe and Mark , the Technician that came out to do the repairs. I have no account or contracts with Teljoy and yet their service was the best I have seen in a very long time. Thanks Teljoy Easyfix for your great service!

Michelle Moodie

It is not often these days that people go out of their way to help their fellow man and when they do I feel that praise and acknowledgment is in order. I have been a customer of Teljoy’s for many years and this past weekend my washing machine started giving trouble. Being a Saturday I never in a million years thought I’d be helped but true to her word, Courtney promised that she would do her best to get someone to help me, not half an hour later did I receive a call from your service department to say that a technician was on his way. Sunday was a pleasure to deal with, he explained exactly what was wrong and explained that even though my machine needed new parts to make it work as good as new, he would make sure it was working before he left my home – which he duly did. He even cleaned up after himself and explained that he would make sure that the new parts were ordered. I have again just received a call from Courtney to say that the parts were ordered and that she would let me know as soon as she receives them so that the technician could come out once again and fit them. Wow she’s a star! Thank you Teljoy. Your service is unbelievable - in this crazy, rushed life we live these days it’s a breath of fresh air and your competitors would do well to mimic your customer care and professionalism. Your friendly, efficient staff are a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to many more years as a customer of yours.

Susara Susanna Odendaal

I applied online on Friday and received a call on Saturday. Today (Monday) I received another call to sign the contract. I was told that my TV will be here either tomorrow or Wednesday. What great service, thanks Agnes!

Lana Theunissen

Kavitha Le Roux is definitely an asset to Teljoy. She has made my claim process effortless and enjoyable. Our laptop was stolen and from the day I registered the claim she did her utmost best to sort everything out as soon as possible. I sent all the required documents and was kept in the loop of what was happening. I did not have to follow up constantly to find out what was happening with our claim. Our claim was finalised and the new laptop delivered timeously. Thank you so much Kavitha for making this a great experience. You rarely find someone who is willing to go the extra mile for a customer and keep to their promises. I always recommend Teljoy to all my friends looking to purchase goods.

Belinda Hlaka

This letter serves as a reference with regards to the excellent customer service received at Teljoy. I have been a loyal Teljoy customer for 21 years and have recommended my friends to subscribe with Teljoy. I want to express my sincere thank you for the service I have received from Ms Audrey Shabangu. I was miserable and frustrated, and after lodging my claim I realised that she really gave me a reason to be happy again. She reassuring me that despite the loss of my items, Teljoy will replace my stolen items as long as I ensure that my account is up to date . I therefore feel that she has played an important role by not only acting on her duties but also exceeding my expectations. Ms Audrey's work ethic is unblemished, her integrity is beyond question, and her professionalism when it comes to handling customers is phenomenal.


WOW, WOW, WOW! I’m ecstatic and Teljoy gets all the credit for employing Audrey who’s truly an asset to the company. She is amazing, I have NEVER dealt with someone so efficient and friendly. Well done on having such an amazing person as one of your staff members. Audrey, thank you for the wonderful customer service, you made my experience with Teljoy pleasurable.

Mandy Theron

Masesi, thank you so much for your efficiency. It's greatly appreciated and really nice to have such fantastic service. You definitely deserve all the credit!

Marlette Van der Merwe

I have been with Teljoy for 21 years and on the whole I am very happy. There are advantages to getting items through Teljoy - advantages which are not available elsewhere to me, such as having my TV licence paid as long as I keep my TV maintenance contract. If there is a problem with my DSTV Explora, my fridge or my washing machine, all I do is make a phone call to Teljoy, instead of trying to find someone to fix my appliance and then being ripped off in the process. I would much rather pay more for the appliance through Teljoy, than have to waste time finding repairmen. I have read reviews of Teljoy's service, both for and against and I believe that there is no company that does not have glitches from time to time. I will continue to rent items from Teljoy as long as they exist, as their kind of service is unique. I have never waited long for someone to call me about a faulty appliance and they have always come out to examine the fault within a couple of days. The most recent faulty appliance was my dishwasher, which I have had five years and which is not sold by Teljoy anymore, and for which I have a maintenance contract. The computer board took ages to arrive and when it did, it was faulty. Another board was ordered and in that time I received feedback several times, from Teljoy. Just when I thought that life consisted only of washing up (by hand), I received a call from Teljoy to say that because the part was taking too long, they had decided to send me a brand new dishwasher. I am particularly grateful for Teljoy's amazing service because my husband is a blind invalid and I run my business from home. I would hereby like to thank Teljoy for providing the kind of service that they do. I don't know what I would do without Teljoy!

Vanessa Buthelezi

I applied and within 2 days I received my order. Thanks to Gregory Arnold (sales) for a good service and Teljoy, you are the best!

Johan Rossouw

My tumble dryer broke twice and both times Teljoy fixed it within a day. I am very happy and must also say the people that you speak to are always friendly and helpful. Two big thumbs up for Teljoy and your awesome team!

Werner Engelbrecht

I would like to thank Teljoy for the wonderful service. I've been with Teljoy for more than 5 years and have never had any problems. My fridge I have gave me problems and it was sorted within one week. Thank you Teljoy ! Oh and mt new dishwasher was delivered in less than 24 hours.

Johan van den Heever

I just want to highlight the service I received from your Technician, Mischak. This was the 3rd time that Mischak has come out to assist. He is always polite, he goes the extra mile and he is such a great ambassador for the Teljoy brand. I have honestly never experienced such service as I had from Mischak. What a star employee!

Danny Nochumsohn

I just want to thank you again for the amazing service with my iPhone screen replacement. Really appreciate you doing it for me so quickly while I waited, and at such a great price. Much appreciated!

DuJean Mostert

I would to take a few seconds of your time to THANK you for your EXCELLENT SERVICE. From the call centre sales people all the way through to the delivery & installation guys. Quick and effortless, with a smile!! Really appreciate the great service, you set yourselves high standards, and can vouch for your service. Thank you very much once again!

Jason Hills

I would like to say thank you to Maphalo Khumalo that gave me the best service I have ever had. Friendly and kept me informed.

Morne Vermeulen

After completing the online application I was contacted first thing the next morning. The staff handling my request were very professional and extremely helpful. Special shout out to Innocencia and Prenesh for following up daily on the status of my documents and the request at hand. Overall the experience was painless and easy to understand. I applaud your approach to the online application process as it is more feature-rich and intuitive than most. Thank you for the exceptional service!

Glynnis Koopman

Morning Courtney. Just wanted to say Thank you for the excellent service I received. You really kept me updated with everything over the past few months. All I had to do was sit back and wait for another update and I received it without any problems. Thank you for having such amazing client service and for treating your clients with care and respect the way you do.

Sandra Gertenbach

On Friday afternoon, I wrote to Teljoy Customer Care requesting assistance with changing the details of my Teljoy account from my husband’s name to my name as my husband passed away 3 weeks ago. Within minutes, I received a compassionate response from Masesi expressing condolences and specifying exactly what documents needed to be submitted to update the account I submitted the documents and updated details at 09:53 on Monday morning and by 1045 – within the hour - I received confirmation of updated details. I furthermore received notification confirming that the TV Licence details had also been updated. This is an outstanding level of service! I cannot recall a time where I last received such prompt and efficient attention to a request. I complimented Masesi on her efficiency and promptness. She is an asset to your organisation and a pleasure to liaise with

Vaughn Adlem

I didn't know service could get this good! I would like to thank Teljoy and specifically Innocentia Walaza for incredibly amazing service. I was in need of an urgent solution to a problem and Teljoy seemed like the right company to assist me. Innocentia went above and beyond and has blown me away with her fantastic service. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the names of the men who delivered to me but I need to add that they too were absolutely fantastic and really illustrated that high levels of service is the Teljoy standard. Thank you very much to everyone involved.

Dylan Ferreira

Dear Tebogo, I would really like to express my thankfulness and gratitude towards you. I have done a number of deals online before with major companies but no service comes close to the great one-on-one service that you have given me. You are indeed one of a kind when it comes to Customer Care and precision in completing the deal and you have a special skill when it comes to advising the customer to take a different deal and not making the customer feel forced to to the deal. My order arrived an hour ago in a record time, thank you!