Duncan Van Der Kullid‎

Good Day Teljoy I have typed up a review on Hello Peter, but somehow it disappeared from the website. Well here it is again. Excellent customer service from Kavitha Le Roux. I have had an account with Teljoy for over 10 years and have somehow been overcharged for the last few years, when I moved over to a 'rent-to-own' contract. I did not know I was being overcharged, but I queried something else and got to speak to Kavitha, who was helpful and friendly from the word go. She picked up that I was being charged for a set I did not have anymore. She started the investigation and made an effort of informing me where she was and how she was making progress with the investigation. This investigation lead to me getting a pay-out, of the fees that I was overcharged. Thank you Kavitha. You are a rockstar.

Kirsty Fonzari

WOW, what an impressive turn of events! Thank you so much to Masesi Khamkham for the amazing service and for taking the pain away for me. You have turned me around completely. I wish more company's understood what customer service is all about. You ROCK!

Susara Susanna Odendaal

I applied online on Friday and received a call on Saturday. Today (Monday) I received another call to sign the contract. I was told that my TV will be here either tomorrow or Wednesday. What great service!

Lana Theunissen

Kavitha Le Roux is definitely an asset to Teljoy. She has made my claim process effortless and enjoyable. Our laptop was stolen and from the day I registered the claim she did her utmost best to sort everything out as soon as possible. I sent all the required documents and was kept in the loop of what was happening. I did not have to follow up constantly to find out what was happening with our claim. Our claim was finalised and the new laptop delivered timeously. Thank you so much Kavitha for making this a great experience. You rarely find someone who is willing to go the extra mile for a customer and keep to their promises. I always recommend Teljoy to all my friends looking to purchase goods.

Belinda Hlaka

This letter serves as a reference with regards to the excellent customer service received at Teljoy. I have been a loyal Teljoy customer for 21 years and have recommended my friends to subscribe with Teljoy. I want to express my sincere thank you for the service I have received from Ms Audrey Shabangu. I was miserable and frustrated, and after lodging my claim I realised that she really gave me a reason to be happy again. She reassuring me that despite the loss of my items, Teljoy will replace my stolen items as long as I ensure that my account is up to date . I therefore feel that she has played an important role by not only acting on her duties but also exceeding my expectations. Ms Audrey's work ethic is unblemished, her integrity is beyond question, and her professionalism when it comes to handling customers is phenomenal.


WOW, WOW, WOW! I’m ecstatic and Teljoy gets all the credit for employing Audrey who’s truly an asset to the company. She is amazing, I have NEVER dealt with someone so efficient and friendly. Well done on having such an amazing person as one of your staff members. Audrey, thank you for the wonderful customer service, you made my experience with Teljoy pleasurable.

Mandy Theron

Masesi, thank you so much for your efficiency. It's greatly appreciated and really nice to have such fantastic service. You definitely deserve all the credit!

Marlette Van der Merwe

I have been with Teljoy for 21 years and on the whole I am very happy. There are advantages to getting items through Teljoy - advantages which are not available elsewhere to me, such as having my TV licence paid as long as I keep my TV maintenance contract. If there is a problem with my DSTV Explora, my fridge or my washing machine, all I do is make a phone call to Teljoy, instead of trying to find someone to fix my appliance and then being ripped off in the process. I would much rather pay more for the appliance through Teljoy, than have to waste time finding repairmen. I have read reviews of Teljoy's service, both for and against and I believe that there is no company that does not have glitches from time to time. I will continue to rent items from Teljoy as long as they exist, as their kind of service is unique. I have never waited long for someone to call me about a faulty appliance and they have always come out to examine the fault within a couple of days. The most recent faulty appliance was my dishwasher, which I have had five years and which is not sold by Teljoy anymore, and for which I have a maintenance contract. The computer board took ages to arrive and when it did, it was faulty. Another board was ordered and in that time I received feedback several times, from Teljoy. Just when I thought that life consisted only of washing up (by hand), I received a call from Teljoy to say that because the part was taking too long, they had decided to send me a brand new dishwasher. I am particularly grateful for Teljoy's amazing service because my husband is a blind invalid and I run my business from home. I would hereby like to thank Teljoy for providing the kind of service that they do. I don't know what I would do without Teljoy!

Werner Engelbrecht

I would like to thank Teljoy for the wonderful service. I've been with Teljoy for more than 5 years and have never had any problems. My fridge I have gave me problems and it was sorted within one week. Thank you Teljoy ! Oh and my new dishwasher was delivered in less than 24 hours.

DuJean Mostert

I would to take a few seconds of your time to THANK you for your EXCELLENT SERVICE. From the call centre sales people all the way through to the delivery & installation guys. Quick and effortless, with a smile!! Really appreciate the great service, you set yourselves high standards, and can vouch for your service. Thank you very much once again!

Sandra Gertenbach

On Friday afternoon, I wrote to Teljoy Customer Care requesting assistance with changing the details of my Teljoy account from my husband’s name to my name as my husband passed away 3 weeks ago. Within minutes, I received a compassionate response from Masesi expressing condolences and specifying exactly what documents needed to be submitted to update the account I submitted the documents and updated details at 09:53 on Monday morning and by 1045 – within the hour - I received confirmation of updated details. I furthermore received notification confirming that the TV Licence details had also been updated. This is an outstanding level of service! I cannot recall a time where I last received such prompt and efficient attention to a request. I complimented Masesi on her efficiency and promptness. She is an asset to your organisation and a pleasure to liaise with

Lelanie Smit

I have been with Teljoy for about 8 years and I recently finished payment on my TV when it was stolen earlier this year. Even though I paid up, I still had a maintenance plan with Teljoy which covered theft. I dealt with Audrey Shabangu, she kept me updated and was also sympathetic to my situation. I have never dealt with any incompetence or rudeness with Teljoy which is why I recommend Teljoy to everybody.

Marita Pienaar

Your service is excellent You can be very proud of your staff! Look after them please. In current times where everything is a struggle to get decent service, Teljoy us a pleasure to deal with

George Venter

You guys are doing everything right. Fantastic service with in a day goods are out to be delivered!

Ben Venter

I would like to place on record, my immense gratitude and appreciation for Ms. Katie More's persistence to resolve my call logged for my LG television as well as her ongoing support showed to me during the time period. Katie showed true customer service and stood by me during the whole process. I am extremely pleased with her work ethic and the way she handled my matter. English is the primary language in most if not all businesses, but what gives Katie an advantage language wise, she can fully communicate in Afrikaans as well. Which is actually my home language and I have appreciated that aspect as well. Katie, keep up the good work! Reliable, well mannered and experienced staff are not always easy to come by. Keep her there, she is a bright shining diamond and asset for Teljoy.

Brigitte Lawrie

I want you to know that your staff member Vuyo Ndamse deserves to have some recognition for the outstanding service he provided to me with my query regarding being overcharged. I have never encountered such courtesy and diligence from any call centre person that I have ever dealt with. I cannot express my gratitude and thanks enough for Vuyo. He listened to me and let me get my anger off my chest and then instead of jumping in the deep end, he carefully looked at the statements and said he needed more time to get all the info and would call me back. He did so this morning and had all the answers to the issues and explained everything clearly. He then made arrangements that I would get the refund required. He has tact, manners and diplomacy. This young man deserves praise. I can see him one day being a 1st class manager as he has a work ethic that is admirable. I hope he gets his name in lights.

Carlette Singh

You ladies did an amazing job and I want to say thank you to each one of you for acknowledging me as a customer and being so prompt. Katie – you were so understanding and accommodating/ carried my query out to the fullest. Wendy – you assisted me with the sale and replied within the same day. / no waiting period at all. Milisa – wow you just topped it all, you chose to give me a call before leaving work to confirm my couches have arrived. High Five to these ladies, Teljoy is so lucky to have such committed staff employed by them.

Samantha Weppelman

I was blown away with the amazing service I received and will definitely be recommending this to all our friends. Very happy!

Zaid Dramat

A huge part of my occupation entails measuring and trying to improve service delivery on a daily basis. Needless to say I value and appreciate excellent service. Rarely experienced as a consumer these days. What I will say is that Marie and Audrey were both extremely helpful, professional and not to mention patient in our interaction. The delivery guy was also really helpful, installed my unit in a few minutes and answered all my questions. EXCELLENT service.

Cedric Davids

I am pleased to announce that our new bed has arrived and that we are very happy with the product. I would like to thank Rene for your Outstanding service, patience with me and for going the extra mile, you are really well equipped for the role you play. I would recommend Tell joy to all my friends and especially refer them to you.

Brian van Hansen

Good day, I've been a customer with Teljoy for more than 30 years, and have always received just the best service, whether it was for repairs or upgrading rental units, and eventually renting to own. I've had nothing but positive responses and delivery. The excellent service continued when Katie was helping me sort out my unit which didn't have a part to replace, and organized yet again for it to be replaced with a unit of my choice. My compliments to your team and everyone else involved in making my relationship with Teljoy a pleasurable and memorable experience.

George Venter

Your service is great, keep doing what you do. No need to improve. It is a pleasure dealing with your staff, from sales right through to delivery. It's been an awesome experience. Thank you Team Teljoy!

Elizabeth Fourie

I am very impressed with all the products that you can get from Teljoy and the professional help from the staff.

Brendan Bence

If I can give more than 5 stars I would! Letitia gave me wonderful service, I am in customer service myself and I know how hard it is to get good customer service. You can literally hear the friendliness in her voice. She constantly checked up on me making sure everything is in order. I am so impressed, well done Letitia you are a superstar!


Helen, this is just a compliment for your outstanding customer service. You always take your time to communicate, explain and make sure you provide the best customer experience. You have assisted me several times and you are probably not even aware that its the same customer and your service is always consistent. THANK YOU


Thembinkosi , I must thank you for all the help you have given me and it was done so promptly – it has far exceeded my expectations from past experience with service delivery in most companies these days. I am glad to see Teljoy is still alive and kicking!


We would like to thank the sales agent for helping me upgrade from a stove to a fridge. She was very helpful and patient. Her name is Letitia. Thank you for the best service ever.


Avishkar, thank you for your professional service. You explained everything perfectly and you were very helpful and friendly. I would also like to give Wellington a compliment. He phoned me 3 times to arrange delivery and was the friendliest and most helpful person I have met! He explained everything perfectly and gave exceptionally good, helpful and polite service, right from the word go. The business world needs more people like Wellington and Avishkar – thank you for employing great staff, Teljoy! What a joy to see that people like Wellington and Avishkar still exist!


Masesi, You are amazing. Thank you Incredible service. I am very very impressed and I am very grateful to have come through to you for my query. Your service is very professional and very quick. Thank you for making my experience so easy. I truly appreciate everything that you did for me.


We would like to thank you out of our hearts for the great service on the delivery of the Samsung washing machine, bought as gift for a mommy doing washing by hands for years, Thank to the wonderful Teljoy team – she has got her present. Thank you for your Swift service from Robert, Lucky & Alfred – they were really on their toes with this delivery, we have been using Teljoy for over 6 years now, Thank you Lucky for keeping us dated on the progress of the ice maker Teljoy has a awesome service, please keep it up!!! WELL DONE GUYS!!!


I just want to compliment Teljoy on their remarkable service, turn around time on delivery and level of customer care. Thank you to everyone we dealt with for making this such an easy and smooth process.


Audrey, Katie & Atheana Thanks a million for your professional help and working together as a team. Due to your professionalism customer satisfaction was reached to the max. 10/10. Because of this I will continue to refer more and more potential clients. Your delivery team was excellent. They were friendly and very helpful, and they gave me a time to which they kept. This says a lot about their passion for Teljoy.


Less than 24 hours turn-around from application to installation, even though I was advised it would take 10 days. Well done Sbu & Frans for their prompt and friendly (and quick) delivery.


I would like to commend Teljoy on their great service...they were prompt with responses and even though it was indicated that delivery can take 10 to 14 working days, I received my washing machine within 2 days after docs were signed and they constantly phoned me and kept me up to date...appreciate the good service.

Mel V

We got excellent service from Shaun Naude and Lizanne Kruger from Teljoy. They both went the extra mile for my husband and I ensuring we received a new Defy washing machine and Defy fridge. Thank you so much and we look forward to having many years with Teljoy.

Pamela K

Lucky Tshona from the sales department, thank you so much for the wonderful service and giving me advice on the brand of equipment and reassuring me what's best for me and worth the price to pay for. Delivery was also done within 48 hours and came right before Christmas. Quick and efficient service from Teljoy.

Bianca-Lee Harwood

I have been a Teljoy customer fro over 6 years and have never had a complaint. This morning I phoned Customer Care regarding a query on my account and was assisted by Thembinkosi Ngwenya, who answered all of my questions with efficient, patience and kindness. Thank you TK and the Teljoy team for many years of great service - it is appreciated.

Nicola S

I have been with Teljoy for about 10 years and yes there have been a few ups and downs over the years but they are always very helpful and quick to find a solution if you have a problem that will leave you smiling again. They go out their way to help and some even go above and beyond to make sure you are happy... One such person is Lizanne Kruger, she is a rock star!