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Broken Appliances got you in a fix?

Don’t let broken appliances get you in a fix: save yourself from going into a flat spin when the washing machine breaks and don’t hit a blank when the TV screen loses its picture – rather call Teljoy Easyfix! Teljoy Easyfix encompasses a cash repairs, monthly maintenance or walk in repair service. Teljoy Easyfix provides a guaranteed in-home appliance and electronic repair service giving home owners peace of mind that the people entering your homes are safe, reliable and professional. Teljoy Easyfix services are available across Gauteng, as well as Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.

Easyfix Maintenance Plan

Looking for absolute peace of mind?

Teljoy Easyfix provides affordable and convenient maintenance plans that protect you from unexpected home appliance and electronic repair costs. Teljoy’s qualified technicians attend to every repair onsite and should your appliance or electronics need to be repaired offsite, we offer you the option of a loan unit.

Our technicians will also ensure the safe removal and return of your appliances and electronics to your premises. So, don’t let broken appliances get you in a fix, invest in the Easyfix Maintenance Plan from as little as R20 p/m.

Teljoy Easyfix services are available across Gauteng, as well as Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. If you would like to request a quote or find out more information, click the button below or call 011 357 5566 to find out more.

Benefits of Investing in Teljoy Easyfix Maintenance plan

  • Easyfix takes the hassle out of repairs to major home appliances and electronics.
  • The cost of repair and labour is covered by monthly installments (subject to specified limits).
  • Easyfix repairs the appliance in your home. If this is not possible collection and delivery of the appliance is included.
  • Easyfix offers flexible packages, customizable to suit the products relevant to each customer.
  • Bulk discounts available. The more items covered, the bigger the discount.
  • Loan unit option available.
  • Easyfix offers a 3 month guarantee on all repairs.
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Jacques Neizel

A while back our TVs power supply packed up and I was browsing online and came across Teljoy Easyfix. I did a quick online enquiry not expecting any response knowing the nature of the service industry and within 10 minutes after my enquiry, I received a phone call. From there on the service was i ...

Magda Horak

Thank you for coming back to us. Apology for the late email. Also would like to thank you and the Sales person that called me this morning. 10 Star service. Hope that we can get the TV fixed today. ...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Easyfix Maintenance Plan?

The Easyfix Maintenance Plan is an appliance maintenance cover plan that provides you with a complete household appliance repair solution. It saves you the hassle of finding a repair centre and prevents unnecessary costs from being incurred in respect of high call out fees, parts and labour.

What is Teljoy Easyfix?

A convenient way to get your appliances and electronics repaired with ease using genuine quality parts. The customer does not need to be a Teljoy customer to benefit/use Teljoy Easyfix as we offer a cash service

What types of appliances are covered under the Easyfix Maintenance Plan and can be repaired through Teljoy Easyfix?

The Easyfix Maintenance Plan covers a wide range of household appliances not older than 8 years, including: Blu-ray systems, convectional ovens, dishwashers, DVD players, microwave ovens, refrigeration units such as general refrigerators, freezers and bar fridges, sound systems, stoves, television sets, tumble dryers, and washing machines.

Does this service offer a loan unit option?

Yes we do offer a loan unit option which means that should we not be able to fix your appliance at your home, we will leave you with a loan unit to use while our qualified technicians conduct the repairs. Please note that the loan unit option will be at an additional fee.

Would the appliance always be repaired at the client’s home?

If possible, it will be repaired at the client’s home. In some instances the work needs a different environment for the testing and repairs. Under those circumstances the unit will be transported by Teljoy to and from the workshop.

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