Choosing the Perfect TV for you!


As the saying goes: the bigger, the better, right? Well not necessarily, especially when it comes to the size of TV that you are planning on buying. So if not the biggest TV that you can get your hands on, then what TV size should you get?

There is no definitive answer to this question. There are numerous factors that should direct your choice, such as the size of the room, the space in/on which the TV will be placed, your viewing requirements, and most importantly your price range. From a design perspective, many people are going for the minimalist design, which sees them mounting their TV on the wall, or placing it on an open surface. This not only saves them space, but also does not restrict them in TV size. Knowing this, you still have to account for the size of the room in which the TV will be housed, for the benefit of your eyes.


Naturally, a smaller room will require a smaller TV so as to not cause too much eye-strain and which will also optimise your viewing experience. A little online research will tell you that a majority of television sets should be at least 2.5 meters away from you. However, the larger the TV, the more space should be between you.

Once you have all the required measurements, it will be much simpler to choose a TV, and one that will suit your entertainment space. With the variety of TV size choices available to us today, it is little wonder as to why there is so much confusion as to what to buy. Always remember that the TV size should be determined by your individual/home requirements (and personal budget) as this will ensure that you have an optimal viewing experience every time.