It's All About ICE This Summer


Summer is fast approaching with temperatures already soaring, causing us to pull out our summer outfits. We all need a break from the intense heat this summer, which means we are always looking for something cold to drink, and nothing chills a drink better than ice on a hot summer’s day!


And nothing will chill your hot days better than the SnoMaster 15kg Automatic Ice Maker! With a stainless steel finish, new lid handle, and full ice sensor you will be certain to always have ice ready and on-hand. But the best part about this product is that it’s portable! Yes, PORTABLE! Who wouldn’t love to have a handy portable ice maker that they can carry around with them when they make a family trip to the beach or park this summer? With a 1.8kg ice storage you will be certain to always have enough ice for all your smoothies and sodas.



Look no further for your new partner in being chilled this summer and head over to the Teljoy products page to get your SnoMaster Automatic Ice Maker today!