We’re all sick of “the man”. He’s always trying to weasel his way into our lives by getting us to buy items on credit, which forces us into his debt. Once we have fallen into his debt trap, he doesn’t care about us or our purchases. He won’t help get our appliances fixed if they break and the warranty is over. The man will make you run around in frustration trying to get your appliance repaired but he won’t help you. He will also leave you stuck with the outdated product throughout the duration of your contract with no hope of upgrading.


Fight the man and make your life easier and rent to own from Teljoy. The list of benefits  of renting from Teljoy is unbelievable with options to rent your product for as long as you want and with the freedom to cancel at any time. You will always be covered in case of breakage or robbery no matter what, with no extra cost to you! We will deliver your appliances to your doorstep and even install and set it up for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Want to upgrade your appliance before the contract is up? No problem! At Teljoy you can upgrade your product with no hassles! The best news is that when you rent to own with us, you are given the option to take ownership of the product after a certain period of time!


We have tailor-suited our list of benefits to make your experience  as painless and hassle-free as possible. All this is done because we want you to know that Teljoy is the better way to get the things you want.

The man has been sticking it to you for long enough! It’s time to rent to own from Teljoy. It’s time for you to #StickItToTheMan!