Which Fridge is Better For Your Home


We recently did a post on what belongs in the fridge and what doesn’t but we never actually covered which fridge would be the best choice for you. Choosing kitchen appliances for our homes can be a fun yet tedious task. The decision of choosing large kitchen appliances (especially a fridge) should be based mainly on affordability and space. With such a large range of fridges and freezers available to you, we’ve decided to compile some tips to help you choose the right fridge for you and your home.


Knowing how much storage space you need will play the biggest role (aside from your budget) in deciding what fridge to buy. Whether it’s a single fridge or a fridge/freezer combo, you have to take stock of your current situation (your food quantity) and then decide on the size and style.

You also need to consider the space where the fridge will be housed as this will affect the size that you can purchase. For small kitchens and spaces, the best choice would be a fridge/freezer combination such as the Defy 151L Double Door White Fridge/Freezer which will address your cooling and freezing needs all in one space-saving product. However, if this size is too small, you could always accompany it with a Defy 195L White Chest Freezer which could be kept in another room.

If you have a larger space or wish to get a bigger fridge, then the Defy 556L White Side by Side Fridge Freezer would be an awesome choice as it has more fridge/freezer space than the traditional single door ones. If you want to be really fancy, you could always opt for a fridge such as the Samsung 501L Metal Graphite Side by Side Fridge with Water and Ice Dispenser which not only looks sleek but also contains a tremendous amount of storage space. However, if you opt for this last choice, you must ensure that it isn’t placed too far from existing piping as some of these extras need to be hooked up to the plumbing system. You could also opt for a small Defy 90L White Bar Fridge Finally for your bedroom if you share a living space with others.


Storage, space, price and features are the most important factors that should influence the purchase of your new fridge. With so many options available it is vital that you assess your needs and budget when opting to purchase a new one. Kitchen appliances can be quite pricey, but they are a necessity, which is why Teljoy offers you some of the best brands and products available so that you can always get quality items at an affordable rate.