What Makes a House a Home?


There are so many stunning houses across the world, both big and small. But a house, as beautiful as it may be, won’t necessarily be a home. If that’s the case, then what does make a house a home?

One of the main things that can make your house a home, are the people (and animals) that you share it with. We often feel most at home and comfortable when we share our living space with loved ones, be it family, friends, a partner, or even a pet. The sounds of your loved ones and pets going about their day is generally one of comfort and these sounds can give life to an otherwise empty house. The racket may not always be comforting but you will definitely not feel at home without it.


 The scents of your house, such as specific perfumes or burning incense, or more especially the aromas of your favourite meals or cookies in the oven can turn any boring house into a place you can call home in almost an instant. Additionally, each home has a specific scent to it. It isn’t a stench, just a fragrance that tells you that you’re home even if you were blindfolded.


A random house can be turned into your very own warm sanctuary when you add little touches of your personality to it. From decorating to your particular tastes, to adding your collections of artwork, rugs, or random figurines.

Most importantly though, you make a house a home with your very presence. From the way you decorate it, and ornaments and little knick-knacks you have lying around to the pictures on the wall and the familiarity of the place, your house becomes your home the moment you decide to embrace the space as yours.