10 Ways to Update a Tired Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home. It’s where we prepare our meals, and in some cases share those meals with our loved ones. This is why the kitchen space should always look friendly and inviting. However not everyone has the opportunity or the financial means to be able to spruce up their kitchens. So how can you make your kitchen look fantastic without spending a small fortune? Here are 10 affordable ways you can use to update your boring old kitchen:

#1. For vintage kitchens, you could add some metallic appliances to give the space some shine and a more modern look. This variation in theme and textures will give the kitchen a nice change of pace as opposed to having one theme throughout.


#2. In the same thread as above, not only will adding newer appliances to a more vintage-looking kitchen add some variety, but so will mixing up old and new accessories and décor.shutterstock_203665714

#3. The one thing that can bring your kitchen some class and change is the upgrade of your old and tired appliances. The newer appliances have a much sleeker look and feel and will turn your kitchen into a more elegant space. Since good quality appliances are generally more expensive, this is where you would be spending most of your money. However it doesn't have to cost too much as you could look at renting as an option. shutterstock_138652232

#4. For smaller kitchens, a great way to make it look more spacious is to try open shelving. This might sound crazy, but not only does it open up the spaces more but it also makes getting those high-up dishes much simpler.


#5. You should also consider removing your upper cabinet doors as this will create the illusion of more space. However if you don’t want to do this then you should replace your old cabinet doors and update them to something more colourful and spunky to add some character.


#6. As mentioned above, if replacing your cabinet doors is something you simply cannot afford, then just consider repainting them to a nice bright colour to add some brightness to your kitchen.shutterstock_220529839


#7. You could also try painting the walls with a beautifully rich colour which will also add brightness and fun to the kitchen.


#8. Consider upgrading your kitchen accessories as well. This will give your kitchen a nice modern and fun look.


#9. While updating everything, you could also update your cabinet’s handles (which are often overlooked), to match your new colours and give the kitchen a more polished look.


#10. Finally, one of the simplest ways to update your kitchen is to bring in some fresh fruit and flowers as often as possible. The bright colours on display will add some life to the space and will make your kitchen look more homely and fun.


Updating your kitchen can be a pain at times, and can definitely cost you an arm and a leg, however, some small and simple changes can cause your space to significantly brighten up and will make the kitchen an even more popular spot.