The man is singing: “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, debt is on the way…”

That’s right! The man is at it again! He is not a nice man and wants you to buy all your Christmas presents on credit so that you can fall into his debt trap! With the school holidays and Christmas around the corner, you will be spending more of your money to provide for your loved ones, and the man is looking to cash in on it!


The man will cash in big if you purchase all your items and gifts on credit because he won’t pay extra to have it delivered to your home. He also won’t pay to have it fixed should it break. The man will leave you stuck with the same, old, boring appliances and not give you the option to upgrade or even cancel your contract without repercussions.


Rather celebrate your Festive Season with Teljoy! With us you can rent appliances without getting into debt. You have the option of renting your appliances for as long as you want/need them. We will also fix your appliances should they break, so that you are always covered no matter what AND it’s at no extra cost to you.

And what’s even better, is that we give you the opportunity to upgrade your items so that you are never left with old and outdated appliances. The best news is that with Teljoy, we give you the option to take ownership of your product after a specific period of time!


                                             Online Repairs

                                             Risk-Cover TV-Lic

                                            Upgrade We-deliver

The list of benefits that you get when you rent with Teljoy has been specifically designed to make your rental experience as painless and hassle-free as possible. All this is done because we want you to be able enjoy life to the fullest by being able to get what you want without any stress.

So beware of the man who wants you to always remain in debt and ruin your Festive Season.

The man has been sticking it to you for long enough! It’s time to rent to own from Teljoy. It’s time for you to stick it to the man!