Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy this Holiday!


December is not only the global Festive Season, it’s also the Summer holidays for us here in South Africa. This means that it’s the school holidays as well and our kids will be at home for a full 4 weeks! As the year winds down to a close, the kids don’t. Instead, this is their chance to run wild and enjoy their much deserved break. The question remains though: what can you do to keep your kids busy this holidays?

This list was created with little kids in mind. The adolescents in your home may not find these activities as entertaining as staying glued to their phones and complaining about how boring their lives are but the little ones are sure to love these! The activities listed are simple and cost effective so that you don’t have to break the bank to keep your little ones entertained during their holidays.


You could:

#Get some art supplies and create a small art station for them to use. You can give them a different theme each day and ask them to create paintings or drawings based on this.

#Built a blanket fort with them, or in this heat, create one out of sheets, and spend the rest of the day eating, reading and napping inside.

#Get them to help you bake some cupcakes or cook their favourite meal. Kids seem to love doing this and everyone loves getting to dig into the delicious results of their baking activity.


#Since it’s the Christmas period, you could get them to create all the Christmas decorations for your home.

#Opt to have some playdates during the holidays so that they get some interaction with other kids their age, while they are at home.

#Have a 'Theatre day' where they can create a small stage, characters and scenery with cardboard, then sit back and enjoy the show!

#Get them some legos or building blocks and leave them to use their imagination and build whatever they can.

#Let them go outside (if you have the space) to play some sports.


#Take them to the pool or the beach for some fun time swimming.

#Turn up the sound and dance and sing with them (or have a talent show).

#Cuddle up with the little ones and watch a movie.

#Then you can get them to pretend that they are characters from the movie and you could all act out movie scenes together.

#Play some boardgames.

#For the older kids, you could get them a gaming console to keep them occupied for some time.

#If you have the space, get them to start their own little vegetable garden. This will teach them responsibility and get them outside.


Whichever of these activities you choose, your little ones are sure to have a great time using their imagination and entertaining themselves!