DIY Gift Ideas


With Christmas just ten days away, we are certain that everyone has completed their gift shopping. However, there are many reasons why this tremendous task will not have been completed by now. You could have been working while many are on leave, your budget may be too tight, or you may have not found the perfect gifts for your loved ones yet. However, the best gift you could get someone is something homemade. DIY gifts are perhaps the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts you could get someone, especially over the Festive Season.


We have compiled a list of simple DIY gifts that you could tackle before Christmas day arrives:

#Felt Coasters: A great way to show someone you care is to get some felt material and sewing little, fun coasters for them to keep on their coffee table. You could even stitch a little “Merry Christmas” message onto it!

#Mini Snow Globes: Using baby food jars, tiny Christmas figurines, tiny polystyrene balls, some glitter, craft glue, paint, and a ribbon, you can create beautiful miniature snow globes for your family and friends during this Festive Season. This a simple yet beautiful gift and will certainly bring a smile to the recipients face.

#Cookies: You could also spoil your loved ones with some delicious treats. Bake a small variety of Christmas-themed cookies and pack them neatly into the pretty container. You could add a ribbon and bow around the container to give it more festive look.

#Message in a Bottle: This would be the sweetest gift to give to your partner. Get a little bottle, some beach sand or coloured chalk dust if you can (this is optional), some paper and a ribbon. Simply write down your special message and pop it in the bottle, seal, and place the festive ribbon on it and you’re done! (TIP: for a parchment paper look, wet a teabag and dab it all over the paper, leave to dry and voila!)

#Votive Candle Holders: Get some photos of your loved ones, and using glue, stick them all over the votive candle holders. They will be gorgeous to look at when you light a candle in it.

#Leather Cuffs: For those angsty teenagers, you can create cool leather cuffs for them using old leather belts using lace, old buttons and even stitching.


Making gifts is probably the best idea of all because it really is the thought that counts. Homemade gifts are precious as there is a lot of imagination, time and thought that goes into preparing and making it. These gifts are also fun to make if you haven’t had time to go shopping and needed to get something done quick! Consider getting your kids to help you make these gifts and it will keep them occupied while they are on holiday (talk about killing two birds with one stone).