#StickItToTheMan in 2016!


Welcome to the year 2016. We live in a world where the man is around every corner, and wherever the man is, debt is sure to follow. The man is not a nice man. He wants you to buy all your appliances on credit and buying on credit means putting yourself into debt!

The man wants to cash in on your 2016 shopping by letting you think that you can only get appliances and gadgets via credit (which means placing yourself in debt). Don’t let the man dictate to you what you should be doing because he doesn’t care about you. He won’t deliver or set-up your appliances, nor will he fix them should they somehow break. There are no benefits from the man, but there are benefits from Teljoy!

The man wants to make your ‘Back to School’ shopping a nightmare by trying to convince you that you need to buy on credit after all those Festive Season expenses. Don’t buy on credit, rather rent-to-own from Teljoy and use the better way to get the things that you want!

The man has been sticking it to you for too long. It’s time to fight back. It’s time for you to stick it to the man!

Unlike the man, we want to help you, which is why we offer you a range of services designed to make your life easier. We will deliver and set-up your appliances at no additional cost so you don’t have to worry. We will also come right to your doorstep to fix any broken appliance for no extra fee, giving you peace of mind. The man won’t go that far for you because he just wants you in his debt. We also give you the option of cancelling or upgrading your appliance rental at any time you want to so that you always have a choice. The man won’t let you do this because he wants you stuck in the same contract with the same product.