Create Your Comfortable Lockdown Dream Home


The meaning of ‘home’ has undoubtedly taken on new significance

Stay at home. It’s the message we’ve heard countless times in this unprecedented period. Our homes have always been the foundation of our lives but suddenly their importance has been magnified. The security they provide has never been more real, as we retreat to their sanctuary for our health and safety.

Home redefined

The meaning of ‘home’ has undoubtedly taken on new significance. Over the last year (and probably well into the future) – within the walls of the home, we’ve had to work, teach our children, exercise and entertain ourselves – and then feel relaxed enough to fall asleep at night – only to do the same again the next day.

What we require from our homes is more important than it has ever been. For many, home plays an emotional role. How many times have we used or heard of the term ‘home is where the heart is’? We all have different definitions of home, some may say it’s a place to hold their belongings and to sleep. Others may define it as a place of safety, rest, comfort and a space where they spend most of time with family and friends.  

For the latter, home acts as an extension of self, therefore increasing the importance of the appearance of the home. Home design needs have definitely shifted and here are some ways you can ensure you’re prepared:

Comfort is key

We’ve seen everyone on the socials rocking athleisure and loungewear – comfort is key. The same goes for our home, spending more time at home means we’ve noticed areas that we can improve and make more comfortable. Invest in that new couchbigger TV and comfortable bed – it’s worth it in the long run.

Home office revamp

Now officially known across the globe as the Work from Home (WFH) phenomenon, the most practical way to tackle this is to set up a corner of your home that can become a dedicated workspace. Preferably one from which you can get up at the end of your work day, and walk away. Whether it’s a fully-fledged office or multi-purpose space, being comfortable while you work is imperative.

Kitchen re-design

Kitchens have become the absolute heart of the home, more than ever before. We have been facing a ‘full house’ every day of the week and really have to make the most of our living and dining spaces. It may be time to get a bigger fridge or a dining room suite for the whole family.


At-home gyms

We’ve all considered a private exercise space in the home but lockdown certainly placed more emphasis on the need for a home gym. Virtual training sessions are the new thing. In addition to events being cancelled or postponed, gyms and health clubs have been closed. Focus on the essentials: Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to recreate your actual gym. Focus on creating the space you need for the workouts you love. However, if you’ve got enough space and budget then get the essentials like a weight bench, squat racks, dumbbells and at least one piece of cardio equipment which can be a treadmill or air-bike.

Multi-functional spaces

Because it’s not just working from home, it’s also exercising and and and... It might be time to review the space in each room and decide whether they are being used optimally, considering the additional activities we have needed to consider. Can you fit a treadmill in your garage or can you place an additional office desk in the guestroom?

Lastly, we have to factor in how this pandemic is shifting our perspective, because we simply can’t view the world as we would pre-COVID. More than ever, we need to be grateful for our homes. The safety they provide and invest in them to ensure they are most comfortable, regardless of why or how long we are there for.

While we’ve barely scratched the surface of the #homegoals, hopefully we’ve set your mind into overdrive with ideas!