Create the perfect Father’s Day man cave


Do you dream of having your own secret hideout where you can escape reality? Every man needs a place to getaway - the golf course, the pub, the rugby field. An area that you can unwind with the boys, with pizza and beers in hand. If you want to rev up those testosterone levels, investing in a man cave will be the perfect space to relax. Below is a guide to the top things to include in the ultimate man cave.

Kick back with a recliner or couch

Before setting out to design your perfect man cave, envisage what type of vibe you would like to create. Will you be entertaining the boys frequently or will you simply be using it as a manctuary? No matter which one you choose, no man cave is complete without the perfect seating arrangements. Don’t hurt your back by using old, worn out furniture. Purchase a single or 3-seater couch or recliner and put your feet up in style while watching the game.

Get your game on

A man cave wouldn’t scream masculinity without a flat screen TV and a PlayStation 4. There is no better way to wind down after a hard day’s work. Can’t afford to buy the latest devices? You could always rent these gadgets! Don’t forget to set the stakes high, before you begin that two player game. Play against each other for the next six pack of beers or burger meal and make sure that you are victorious!

Setting the sound

Are you wanting to have the guys over for a poker night? Create the perfect, vibey atmosphere with a sound system that supports Bluetooth - no doubt your friends will want to play their own top playlists. Surround sound speakers will add that extra buzz when watching your favourite rugby or soccer team play a big game. Even better, sound bars are the most convenient as they won’t take up too much space.

Crack open a cold one

Wondering what rhymes with “boys’ night”…? Beer, of course! There is nothing worse than being offered a warm beverage or having nowhere to store your six pack. No one wants to walk to the other end of the house to fetch a drink, so a bar fridge is a must in your new man cave. Even better, if you don’t want to be the one doing the garage run when the ice runs out, get your own ice machine and make sure that your drinks* are served on the rocks.

*Teljoy supports responsible drinking.

With the latest gigs-and-gadgets, any spare room can take the shape for your perfect man cave. So get the space ready to transform it into operation man cave!