The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide


Last Father’s Day might feel like a distant memory from another time and place, considering the new Covid‐19 world we are living in. When it was once about a day out, going to dad’s favourite restaurant, or getting the whole family together around the braai, it is now likely to be a simpler celebration.

Fortunately, there are many ways to celebrate the fathers in your life, whether it’s your own dad, the father of your children, a stepdad, or any other father figure. 

What it comes down to is a little thought and attention to detail whether it’s homemade cards and crafts, splurging on that bucket list item he’s always wanted or learning something new together.

You know him best, but these ideas might give you some inspiration.

The perfect gift

He’s probably already got a drawer full of novelty socks and at least a few “world’s best dad” mugs in a kitchen cupboard. And where’s he going to wear a tie these days, anyway?

If you’ve saved on your family entertainment budget for a couple of months while not being able to venture out, maybe it’s time to get him that new gadget he’s always wanted, a new TV, gaming console, sound system, camera equipment, or even a laptop or notebook to help him set up his lockdown home office.

If it’s gadgets or appliances you’re after, look at the rent‐to‐own consumer model, so you don’t have a potentially large expense upfront and your month‐to-month contract allows you complete financial flexibility to upgrade (perhaps when a newer version comes out), downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Creative crafts

Sometimes the most precious gifts that are treasured for many years are homemade. You might have already ordered the perfect gift to be delivered to your home, but he’ll always appreciate something that you made especially for him.

Who doesn’t appreciate a handmade card, for example? Or think handprint art, decorating a picture frame, or even making sock puppets. You could make him a book of vouchers to make him a cup of coffee, take on some of his chores so he can have some time with his hobbies, or promise to spend a day doing anything he chooses.

It doesn’t have to be a physical gift, of course. You could play charades as a family, plan a quiz that’s all about dad, put on a play or write him a story. He’ll love the ingenuity and the whole family will have fun with the creative process, making it an ideal lockdown pastime.

Quality time

Has dad been nagging you all to sit around a table and play a board game, do some gardening or binge watch the original Star Wars films, but everyone’s always too busy with other things?

Even in lockdown, everyone is very busy with their own things, whether that’s working from home, doing cleaning or other chores, home schooling, or getting some exercise. Life is busy. Spending quality time together is great for bonding, relaxing and unwinding, and making memories.

If you’re not together this Father’s Day, get the whole family on a video call to let him know how much you all love him and spend some time together, even while physically distanced.

Family feast

Cook a meal together. Get everyone involved in chopping (one for the bigger members of the family) mixing (for the little ones), and tidying up (many hands make light work).

Bring him breakfast in bed, make an epic Sunday lunch or order loads of different toppings and make some dough for a family pizza night. Maybe he loves breakfast foods for dinner, even if mom thinks it’s weird. This day is all about what he loves.

Alternatively, order in dad’s favourite dish, to save on cooking and cleaning up for yourself and enjoy a feast cooked by someone else. It started off as a fun way to pass the time, but by now it’s time for a welcome break. You can always go back to making everything from bread to cheese from scratch.

Alternatively, many restaurants are offering their own delivery or pay‐and‐collect services. And some top chefs, wine estates and farms are even collaborating to curate boxes of delicious foods that you can have delivered to your door.

Share an experience

The need for social distancing on a huge scale, has led to a rapid and large‐scale rise in online entertainment, engagement and learning options. Go on virtual tours of historic sites, take part in quizzes or escape rooms, or learn a new skill.

If your dad is aching to travel again and see the world, but, of course, can't right now, then consider an Airbnb Online Experience, for example. These Experiences are hosted virtually and could take you from a kitchen in Rome to a farm in Australia, all without leaving your house.

Airbnb Hosts from all around the world share insights into where they’re from, cultural practices or local delicacies. There’s something every dad will enjoy, whether it’s learning magic tricks, how to propagate plants, songwriting, flamenco dancing or how to cook a Cape Malay curry. Plus, it provides hosts with some income during these different times.