How to increase security in your gated community?


Amidst growing burglaries and other criminal activities, taking appropriate measures for home security has become crucial. As the future is unpredictable, it’ll be a sensible decision to invest in reliable security systems & take precautions to mitigate the risk of any incidents.

Gated communities are well-known for providing a safer environment for residents. However, it’s easy to strengthen residential security beyond just a gate and key cards. After all, extra security is always a good thing – especially with all the sudden increase in criminal activity in these communities.

It is the responsibility of the body corporate to keep residents secure and prevent unauthorized access by combining security with security guards. However, tenants and homeowners should push their body corporates to ensure security standards are updated.

The Teljoy Business Systems Team, which focuses on ‘rental as a service’ of both CCTV and access control systems, put together a checklist to use to increase gated community security:

1. A reliable security company

Gates are great, but they don’t offer a personal touch to security. Plus, it’s easy for someone to steal a key card or simply hitch a ride with a resident. With a friendly guard at the gate that monitors everyone who comes and goes, it’s much more difficult for someone who shouldn’t be in the community to sneak in.

2. Random patrols

If someone is trying to break in, they’ll carefully monitor the area to determine what security measures are being used. One great way to strengthen residential security is to have randomized patrols. When there isn’t a pattern, criminals have no idea when a guard might pass by.

3. CCTV surveillance

Gated Community CCTV Security Camera systems to automatically detect multiple incidents from short range to long range in all directions at the same time, is the best investment any gated community can have to decrease crime. CCTV surveillance can operate completely independently controlling a moving camera to follow the required action, monitor and confirm incidents. These systems can be easily linked to your armed response or security company, in order to create an additional layer of security.

4. Installing a home alarm system

Installing an advanced alarm system within the premises won’t keep intruders out but can act as a deterrent. At the first indication of the breach, the system will emit a sound that in itself can scare off a persistent burglar in your home or apartment.

Whether you are at home or away, the alarm will send you a notification and also notify your armed response of security company if someone tries to break into your premises. You can install an alarm system that suits your requirements.

5.  Access control

Beyond having a gate and security there needs to be an effective access control in place to monitor who comes in and out of the residential area. There are various types of systems that can be used to allow access to vehicles and pedestrians in and out.

Does the security in your residential community need to be strengthened? Teljoy Business Systems is able to adapt products according to the needs of each residential community. You are offered free assessment, they source equipment to match your needs and service and maintain what is needed.

Your safety is something you and your body corporate should ever take for granted. As a homeowner or tenant urge them to upgrade security urgently.

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