How to become a successful influencer


Being a YouTuber or influencer is one of today’s hottest career choices. However, it’s anything but an easy industry to break into. It’s a highly competitive, saturated environment with a number of challenges in terms of achieving viewership and engagement. And viewership and engagement is vital to monetizing one’s YouTube channel or even landing sustainable social media brand partnerships.

Regardless, there are still plenty of shining examples of people who have achieved success as YouTubers and influencers, and that success has translated into a lucrative and growing career.

The success of Influencers or content creators as we know them has shifted the tides of traditional marketing, and how companies can potentially reach their customers through social media. If you are one of the many people looking to become a force on YouTube or other social media platforms and grow your channels, here are a few things to consider when starting the process:

1.Plan your vision and put down actionable goals to achieve

Before you do anything, you need to figure out what you’re hoping to get out of building a presence on YouTube or other social media platforms. This will help you decide what type of video content you want to create and define the right audience for that content. Establishing a tangible direction and intent for your content will lay the foundation for building an audience that will want to subscribe, follow and share with their friends and networks. Emphasizing content that is both useful and entertaining to your audience enhances your viewership and engagement, and your followers will begin to see you as a trusted source of information and education.

2.Consistency is key

The importance of this factor cannot be overemphasized. Platforms that post weekly perform better than those who post less frequently. Channels that post often not only engage their audiences on a deeper level, they also garner much greater visibility and viewership. This is particularly vital if you’re just starting out and trying to build an audience. Solid social presence with multiple posts per week can quickly raise viewership on your channel by stimulating the algorithm.

Creating an abundance of content at the beginning on applicable topics will help your channel perform well in the algorithm.

3.Invest in good quality equipment

Authenticity and consistency is important and it will get you off to a good start, but eventually a time’s going to come when your content needs to become a little more polished.

Filming video clips or taking pictures on your iPhone and putting together thumbnail images for an Instagram post or a YouTube video are all well and good in the early days, but if you want to be a success in the long run then you need to place a higher premium on quality.

Of course, we’re not saying that buying expensive gear is the secret behind how to become a social media influencer. In fact if anything, you should avoid investing in expensive gear until you start to build a following, because otherwise you can end up with a lot of flashy toys but no community.

Growing South African Travel & Lifestyle Influencer, Thobeka Mthembu known as Thobi Rose advises anyone who wants to grow their following to look into investing in a camera as this transforms your content creation.

“Creating quality content really makes you stand out as a growing influencer so it’s important to have a camera that can help create the content that you need for any of your creative work"

Thobi Rose has managed to grow her Instagram page with over 30 000 followers and her YouTube channel with over 10 000 followers. Her image and video content is of high quality and her community engage with her consistent content – she has also managed to partner with multiple brands that speak to her and her audiences.

Nicolette Mashile, known as the Financial Bunny urges people to consider multiple streams of income in this economy and influencing and YouTube may be one of them.

“Renting a camera with Teljoy is a good financial decision when starting out your influencer career – with the option to cancel you aren’t locked-into a credit agreement should it not work out. Tech changes and your needs may also change so the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade is also a great bonus.”

With Teljoy you can get a camera to kick-start your Influencer or YouTube career and the best thing is you are not locked in and you can cancel and return the unit if it doesn’t work out. The even better part is that you can upgrade or downgrade too suit your financial situation or to keep up with tech.

With this advice we can’t guarantee that you will be famous but we can guarantee that these tips will put you in the best position to be successful.

Lights, Camera, Action – all the best.