How to plan the perfect movie night at home


Looking for fun ways to spend quality time with the family? A family movie night is a great way to bring the family together. Going to the cinema can be expensive – over and above the R100 movie ticket you still need popcorn, other snacks and drinks. The average cost to go to the movies is about R250 per person, now imagine adding this up for the whole family. A family movie night at home also means you don’t have to be in crowded spaces during this pandemic and these days thanks to Smart TVs and streaming services you can plan a movie night in the comfort of your own home.

Plan: Check your calendar and make sure everyone is free. From sports and extra-mural activities, to meetings and deadlines your household is likely to be buzzing with activity. When you plan ahead and schedule the movie night you’re giving the family something to look forward to.

Create a cinema: Give your family that blockbuster experience and embrace modern technology. Ensure you have a good Smart TV with built in speakers or an additional sound bar or home theatre system.

Pick the right movie: The toughest part of planning the perfect movie night is selecting the right movie. If you have a big family with little ones in the household it may be a challenge to pick a movie that everyone will want to see. Consider devising a system for movie night selections. For instance, each week can be an opportunity for someone to pick a movie of their choice.

Prepare food and snacks: It goes without saying, having the right snacks and food can make or break movie night. You don’t want to get hungry during the movie yet you certainly don’t want to feed the family anything that requires a lot of concentration so forks and knives are out. Pizza, nuggets, baked goods, chips, sweets and popcorn are the go-to.

Get comfy: The great thing about having movie night in your home is that you get to attend the night’s main event in your most comfortable gear – pyjamas. Push back the coffee table in your living room and set up blankets and pillows and pile up on the floor to watch the fun flick.

No electronics: The living room should be an electronic free zone to ensure that you get the most out of family bonding time. That means putting your phones on do not disturb or preferably away from the area. Shut down your laptops and keep your tablets on the charger. This is the perfect opportunity to unplug from social media and connect with the family.