Back to School: Getting Back into Routine


The alarm goes off and you turn to hit the snooze button yet again. Your eyes briefly flash to the clock face and you notice that the little needle is pointed towards the 7. Suddenly you realise that the little needle is pointing towards the 7! It’s after 7am, which means you are so late! Today is the first day of the new school year and you (and your kids) are already late!

If this is you at the start of every new school year or term, then you know that a late start can ruin an otherwise perfect day. Being late on the very first day back does not reflect well on you or your kids. So how can you change things so that you can fall into a good routine much more easily?


You should firstly understand that routine is something that needs to be started in advance and not on the day that everyone heads back to school. Start even a few days before the first day back and you will notice that as the days go on, waking up and getting ready will become much easier for everyone.

The most important thing to remember about getting back to school is that a good night’s rest is imperative to starting off the day fresh. Put the kids to bed early, so that they can be awake on time and ready to take on the day. Set your alarm for the time that you would need to be up in the morning, and despite how strong the urge is to sleep in, fight it. Your kids aren’t the only ones who need to get back into a routine. Get yourself up and ready before the kids so that you don’t get in their way and that you can dedicate time to helping them get organised.


You should also invest some time the day before to plan ahead. Ensure that their uniforms are cleaned and ironed, and that all homework has been completed. Additionally, you should plan out what everyone will be taking for lunch. If there are preparations to be made (such as frying or grilling burgers, or grating cheese) then you should do these the night before to make things easier the next morning.

A little planning and practice can go a long way when you are trying to get the kids the ready to go back to school. It is imperative to give them a good morning so that they can have a positive and great start to their school day and perform positively while at school.