Why you need Smeg appliances in your home


Shopping for appliances for your home or kitchen can seem like quite the chore. You may want to find something that looks great and goes with the general style of what you already have, but you also want something reliable and efficient.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your whole kitchen with completely new products or you’re just picking out an appliance to spruce up the kitchen, you can’t go wrong with the masters of minimalist design and supreme function, Smeg.

This is one brand that is not only quality but also adopts the “green approach.” This means that all of Smeg’s appliances are designed keeping in mind certain environmental considerations. Smeg, for instance is dedicated to picking materials for their products which can be easily recycled, such as steel, glass, aluminum and brass.

So where is it from?

You know that Italian holiday that you’ve been dreaming of? Sipping vino on an historic terrace restaurant and strolling through the streets of Italy. You might not be able to make that a reality right now thanks to the global pandemic but through Teljoy you can bring the Italian to you with our line of retro luxury Smeg appliances – which cost less than that trip to Venice.

Smeg is an acronym for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla (we are not able to say it so let’s stick to Smeg). It has been making its kitchen appliances in Italy since 1948. It’s no wonder that the now-distinctive luxury line, first introduced in 1997, is a total blast from the past—curved edges, bright candy colours and 1950s-inspired designs on everything from refrigerators and dishwashers to stand mixers and toasters.

Here’s a few items you can shop from the range:

Smeg refrigerators

One of the most popular products Smeg makes is fridges. Efficient, convenient and powerful, it’s easy to see why these models are so loved. They also come in a lot of different sizes and capacities so no matter what kind of fridge unit you’re in the market for, Smeg probably makes a model to suit your needs. The interiors all have a generous amount of space and feature internal shelves which can be adjusted to various heights as you see fit.

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Smeg washing machines

When trying to pick the best washing machine for your home, there’s a lot more to consider than just how well it cleans. Brands are constantly upgrading and updating washers to help bring you a whole ‘load’ of convenience.  Smeg is a brand that solely focuses on front loaders. These tend to be more energy efficient than top loaders, using the help of gravity to tumble clothes.

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Smeg dishwashers

As one of the biggest players in the dishwasher market by sheer number and diversity of models available, Smeg makes a number of claims for notable features found amongst its product range. Their latest range has an improved tank and internal hydraulics design to make a quieter appliance. And the eco wash cycle/s also use less energy and water without recycling dirty water. This makes for a balance between environmental and hygiene concerns.

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Smeg kitchen appliances

It’s worth noting that Smeg didn’t get the reputation and respect as a manufacturer just from selling quality fridge units and powerful cooking ovens. They sell a number of other appliances as well.

In fact, you can find ovens, coffee machines, microwaves, gas cookers, kitchen mixers and even toasters and kettles.

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It’s not so much that every home needs a Smeg appliance; but it’s certainly true that any home can improve because of one. Feed your curiosity and check out this charming Italian brand today!