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Make laundry day brighter with a new washing machine and tumble dryer. Today's washers and dryers are designed to handle larger loads, get dirty clothes cleaner quickly, use less water and maintain energy efficiency. You’ll love the innovative cycles and sleek styles available in our washers and dryers. Whether you wash every day, big loads or small, in a laundry room or the kitchen, there’s a solution to fit your family size and available space.

So what should you focus on when you shop? We’ve got the answers.

Washing Machines:

Front-loader vs top-loader

Comfort, capacity and space are the biggest considerations with top-load and front-load designs.

  • Comfort: Front-loader washing machines may require more bending and reaching.
  • Inner workings: Front-loader washing machines use a tumble method versus an agitator; this may require less water but have a longer wash cycle.
  • Capacity: Front-loader washing machines offer drums with a larger capacity. Top-loader washing machines capacity is reduced by the agitator. But remember you can get front-loaders and top-loaders in various sizes.  

Pro tip: Before shopping, measure your space and the doors in your home to be sure a new machine will fit.

Efficiency: Try get a washing machine with High Efficiency (HE). They:

  • Use about half the water
  • Have larger capacities
  • Spin faster
  • May remove more water and cut drying time
  • Have a longer wash cycle


Manufacturers are adding lots of innovative features to laundry appliances. Here are a few:

  • Automatic dispensers that add washing powder and fabric softener at the appropriate time and based on the amount of weight.
  • An extra rinse cycle to help get rid of pet hair, stubborn messes and detergent residue.
  • A stainless-steel tub to withstand higher spin speeds, which extract more water and cut drying time.
  • Mobile apps and voice control via digital personal assistants.

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Capacity and efficiency is important when choosing an accompanying dryer as well. The first thing you’ll notice is that dryers hold more than washers. That’s because your clothes fluff up and take up more space as they dry. What you don’t want is a dryer that holds much less laundry than your washer — otherwise, you’ll be drying in shifts. To avoid this, just look for a dryer with a larger capacity of your washer. 

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What about a combo? A Washer/Dryer combo can be perfect for an apartment where you don’t have enough space for a separate washing machine and tumble dryer.

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