How to furnish your first apartment or home


Moving into your first apartment or home often means you're coming in on a blank slate – no furniture, appliances or electronics. It can be stressful from figuring out what exactly you need to how you’ll afford to pay for all the things.

Furnishing an apartment from top to bottom isn't always budget-friendly, especially after you've put money down to secure your lease. Yet, with today's design trends, and a lot of options for where to get essential pieces, you don't have to break the bank.

When it comes to furnishing your first apartment you want to strike a balance between affordability and quality.

Function first

It's easier to prioritize what you need for your first apartment if you think about function first. Make a list of items you truly need. You need somewhere to sleep, sit, a little storage, utensils for cooking, eating, cooking appliances and a place to eat and potentially work, if you haven’t returned to the office. Review your list and see where you could combine functions should it get too costly to buy each piece alone.

Buy in bundles

Since you’re starting off, bundle deals may be ideal where you can get two to three items that you need at a better price. You can find living room, kitchen or even bedroom bundles.


Not having cash to buy everything at once is a reality which is why it’s important to find alternative purchasing methods that won’t get you into unnecessary debt. Rent-to-own allows you to get the furniture, appliances and electronics you need on a month-to-month contract which allows you the financial flexibility to upgrade as things change or when you move to a bigger space.

Think long-term

If you take the time to invest in quality furniture now, you’ll avoid the headache and cost of replacing cheaply made furniture in the future. Rent-to-own is an affordable option that gives you the freedom to pay for quality, well-known name-brands over time and get furniture, appliances and electronics you’ll keep for years to come. This process is easy, flexible and doesn’t require any long-term commitments either!

Go slow and get it right. You don’t have to buy everything at once. Take your time and stick with an affordable plan to transform your first apartment or home into the perfect place to live.