5 essential tools every homeowner should have


With the right tools, household mishaps like leaks, faulty appliances and electronics, skew pictures and photo frames, squeaky doors and dead batteries, can be fixed in minutes.

We’ve put together a list of basic tools to have, that both the average homeowner and a beginner-level DIYer need to invest in.

1. Tape Measure

You’ll be surprised how often you’ll reach for your tape measure for one reason or another. A tape measure will cover a wide range of DIY and home improvement projects. If you’re looking for a sturdy tape measure, choose one with a nylon or acrylic-coated blade that won’t crack or split.

Projects you’ll need it for: Any projects that require accurate measurements, from re-doing space projects around the home to measuring for new appliances or furniture.

2. Claw Hammer

While there are several types of hammers, the claw hammer is most commonly used. Its main use is to hammer or extract nails from wood. Choose one with a rubber handle for shock absorption and an easier grip.

Projects you’ll need it for: Hammers are handy for everything from hanging pictures on the wall to more in-depth DIY projects like building a bird feeder.

3. Screwdriver Set

In the current do-it-yourself age, a screwdriver set is vital to have. And most beginner DIYers learn the hard way that just one single screwdriver won’t cut it. Find a set that comes with various sizes to cover a range of projects big and small.

Projects you’ll need it for: You’ll use your screwdriver set for everything from replacing batteries, assembling or dissembling remotes, changing door handles and more.

4. Adjustable Pliers

Adjustable pliers will make a great addition to your tool collection. This tool is useful for turning nuts and bolts. Pliers can also function as a wire cutter.

Projects you’ll need it for: Depending on the type and size you buy, a pair of pliers can be used for gripping something large like a pipe or smaller things like nails. 

5. Stepladder

This isn’t exactly a tool, but a stepladder will allow you to reach most areas of your home. When choosing one, make sure to check the stability and always ensure you are using it on a firm, level and non-slippery surface.

Projects you’ll use it for: A stepladder will come in handy often in your home, especially for completing simple chores like dusting, changing lightbulbs or reaching high cupboards. You will also need it for DIY projects like installing new light fixtures or painting your ceilings.

It can be tempting to fix everything yourself before contacting anyone, but remember appliances and electronics are very technical and you may end up doing more damage than good. To be safe, you should invest in a maintenance plan to ensure that all your appliances and electronics are repaired by professionals.