What to look for in a dishwasher


Dishwashers have become an essential part of any modern kitchen, and to meet the increased demand there has been an influx of different types of models and brands in the market. With such a wide variety to choose from, it can be a little confusing to find which model best suits your home and needs.

Here’s what you should consider when purchasing a dishwasher:


Dishwashers come in various sizes – compact, standard and larger sizes all with different loading capacities. It’s interesting to note that if you will be using a compact dishwasher model often, even though it is smaller, in the long run it will end up using more water and electricity than a standard dishwasher. Standard size dishwashers can accommodate usually around 14 place settings. You will need a dishwasher that can accommodate all your washing-up needs, be it baking, large-scale entertaining, baby bottles and so on.

Energy efficiency

Choosing an energy efficient dishwasher can save you lots of money. Many of these can be found on the product descriptions on the website you purchase your dishwasher and even on the actual appliance. Usually the label rates appliances in terms of efficiency from A-G, A being the most efficient and G being the least. The labels and information can also assist with not only energy consumption but the efficiency of the washing cycle and drying cycle.

Washing programmes

Consider the wash programmes a dishwasher has – the more it has the better you can adjust and economise by selecting a level according to your load and dish dirt. The main ones consist of light, normal and heavy-duty, however many newer models have different settings for convenience and energy efficiency. 

Quality, durability and safety

Don’t make your decision based on price alone. Check the brand and question what kind of warranty, maintenance or service plan you will be getting. 

Safety features are an important consideration, especially if you have a family with small children. Some safety features to look for can be a child lock option to prevent children from opening the dishwasher door.


Last but certainly not least, the aesthetics of the dishwasher need to be considered. Most dishwashers come in a clean look that will compliment virtually any kitchen design. However, stainless steel is fast becoming a firm favourite. Think of your kitchen design and colours – maybe even a black dishwasher to change things up?