Why can’t I sleep?


Have you ever found yourself staring at the ceiling, counting sheep and wondering: Why can’t I sleep? You lay awake for hours, constantly checking the time or changing sleeping positions. For some people, this is a nightly occurrence, while for others it might only happen every once in a while.

There are a few causes of insomnia which are often overlooked.

Stress: For many, the worries of the day carry over into the night, making it difficult for the body to fully relax and find rest.

Bad habits: These can include inconsistent bedtime schedules, daytime naps, chaotic cluttered sleeping environment or using your bed for other things like eating and watching TV. While some of these are harmless they may disrupt your sleep cycle.

Work schedule: People who work particularly late into the evening or don’t keep traditional working hours may have difficulty transitioning into sleep mode.

A lack of sleep, especially on a consistent basis, can feel overwhelming. This can leave one less productive, energized and unable to perform daily tasks. The next time you’re struggling to sleep try incorporate some of these easy and effective tips.

Avoid bright lighting: Turn off your devices (TV, laptop, cellphone) a while before bedtime. The blue light from these screens keeps your mind alert rather than inactive.

Manage caffeine and alcohol intake: These two substances can greatly affect your sleep.

Set a regular bedtime: Routine can help you maintain better sleeping patterns. This allows your body to also adjust.

Incorporate a relaxing bedtime ritual: This can be reading with a cup of tea, indulging in a warm bath or following some guided meditation to quiet your mind.

Create an inviting atmosphere for sleep: You may need to make updates to your bedroom. Investing in new sheets or even a new base and mattress can offer major improvements to your quality of sleep.