Can your TV do these 6 clever things?


Think that TVs haven’t changed much in the last few years? Think again! These days, smart TVs are so advanced that they almost function like computers.

1. Surf the web

Want to get your family’s opinion on your online shopping cart without squishing in front of the computer? The newest smart TVs allow you to browse the web, meaning you can quickly queue up YouTube clips, get your online retail therapy, and more – all from the comfort of your living room!

2. Multitask, all-in-one

One of the most significant benefits of having a smart TV as opposed to a traditional TV is that you don’t need to connect a bunch of different devices to get the content you want. Everything you need can be loaded onto your TV, without the need for other devices or unsightly cords and DVD players.

3. Help you get fit

Think watching TV is for couch potatoes? Not with a smart TV! Fitness-themed smart TV applications and YouTube videos put wellness at your fingertips and let you get your workout right in front of your couch.

4. Talk face-to-face with your loved ones

So, what do smart TVs offer? How about the chance to reconnect with family and friends! With smart TV applications like Skype, you only need to connect a camera to your television to get some face time with your long-distance loved ones. No matter how far apart, a smart TV can bring you closer.

5. Double as a gaming console

If you’re into video games, but you don’t want to fork out the money for a video gaming console, then a smart TV might be your best option! There are several ways to connect your smart TV to the games you love. Many game makers now have apps that you can download right to the TV.

6. Scroll through social media

Want to stay connected to your friends during the big finale of your favorite show? Now you can get updates, interact, and share your thoughts on your favorite social media accounts right from your smart TV!

If all these smart features make your TV feel a little out dated, then it’s definitely time to start looking for something new.