Laptops VS Tablets: Which Should You Get?


As a fairly tech-savvy generation, the question of laptops vs tablets has plagued us quite savagely recently. Most of us will already have invested in either a laptop or tablet or even both, but there are still some people who are looking to purchase either one (or even upgrade). So we have come up with a handy little guide to help you choose!

Common sense (and working eyes) will tell you that a laptop is much bigger than a tablet, and that in itself, is both advantageous and disadvantageous. While the tablet is obviously much smaller and sleeker than a laptop (which makes it better in terms of portability), the larger screen of the laptop is more beneficial to people who have to stare at a screen for long hours in the day, and more importantly, for those who call themselves gamers. Laptops also contain a significantly larger amount of RAM available to users as opposed to tablets. For those who don’t know, RAM stands for random-access memory and is a form of computer data storage. So in essence, the more RAM your device has, the more data it can store and the faster it will operate (and will also benefit you greatly if you are a multitasker). While laptops can run high quality games, the tablet has in recent years, overtaken it in terms of display. The average mobile device boasts a higher pixel display as opposed to those of numerous laptops today.



Casual gamers on the other hand will enjoy using a tablet as we all love those ridiculously addictive games that you can download from the app store and play practically wherever you are. However, the more serious gamers will revel in the improved specs of most laptops available today. Laptops are also easier to use in terms of connectivity as they always come with numerous USB ports, and printer and projector points, which you will note that most tablets sorely lack.

With the prices of laptops and tablets more or less on par with each other, it can indeed be a difficult choice to make. It really is up to the person and their specific and individual needs. If you are looking for something to do some serious work on, or use at the office all day, then you would rather invest in a laptop as it is better suited for multitasking and would be much easier to use for typing large amounts of text. While the hardware of a laptop is superior to that of a tablet, the tablet’s miniature scale is much easier to use whilst using public transport or being out in the general public. Tablets are also easier to use when it comes to social networking and/or casual gaming and web browsing.


So as stated above, the choice is really up to the needs of the user in question. Evaluate your needs and choose the appropriate technology to suit those needs. if you’re having a difficult time deciding, then head over to our laptops/tablets page and compare the specs and prices yourself.