Tips for building your own home gym


The outbreak of Coronavirus has led to the world staying home, avoiding crowds and practicing social-distancing. In addition to events being cancelled or postponed, gyms and health clubs have been closed.

Building your own home gym is a good investment and doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.But before you run out to buy weights, a yoga mat and a treadmill, you do need to take some things into consideration before you get started:

  • How much space do I have and how much can I fit in it?
  • What’s my budget? Depending on what you choose to do, the costs of creating a home gym can be as low as a few hundreds of rands.
  • What is the best purchasing method and where can I get value? Consider the maintenance of the equipment. 
  • Think about how you enjoy moving around and design your space accordingly. What cardio equipment do you use and enjoy the most? If you hate lifting weights then you know you won’t use them. This means you don’t need to waste space and money on them. If you love running or walking then the treadmill is always a great on

Find your space: This can be challenging, especially if you live in a smaller house or apartment, but definitely not impossible. If all you have is a corner of the living room, then you will want to make the best use out of that space. However, whatever location you choose for your new home gym, make sure you like the lighting and overall atmosphere, because if you don’t like the space, you are more likely to not want to spend time there.

Focus on the essentials: Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to recreate your actual gym. Focus on creating the space you need for the workouts you love. However, if you’ve got enough space and budget then get the essentials like a weight bench, squat racks, dumbbells and at least one piece of cardio equipment which can be a treadmill or air-bike.

Create a budget: Before you start shopping for fitness equipment establish your budget. Remember that you will save time and money without costly gym memberships, travel time and petrol. While purchasing a full gym right away is beyond most peoples’ means, start with just a couple of pieces and build up to what you believe you need to have in order to meet your fitness goals. For example, to burn calories, consider a high-quality treadmill and a set of free weights to begin with.

Devise a workout plan: Your new home gym won’t mean anything if you never use it, so once you’ve got the plan laid-out, it’s time to start planning your workout schedule. One disadvantage to a home gym is that normal life – kids, errands, chores, etc. can make it tempting to keep putting off workouts. So plan and get the most out of it.

Remember, one of the biggest reasons you want a home gym is so you can have it all to yourself even beyond the Coronavirus time. Home gyms afford you the convenience of working out however and whenever you want to in the comfort of your own home.