The ultimate lockdown gift guide


Parties (as we know them) may be cancelled, but quarantine birthdays are not and there are still lots of ways we can celebrate. Looking for lockdown presents doesn’t need be difficult when there is a vast range of online treasures to make someone’s day.

We’ve rounded up our list of lockdown birthday gift ideas which are only a few clicks away from being delivered to the door (or inbox). And if you want to make something at home – we’ve got you covered too. 


It’s a simple idea but making a personalised card instead of buying one is very special. If it’s your partner’s birthday get the kids involved in decorating the card and write a special message for your loved one. If you need some creative inspo there are free templates online and if your loved one is afar you can still send a digital card.


If your loved one is an avid reader, books make an ideal lockdown gift. They provide the essential escape from the monotonous routines of quarantine and take the readers minds to far-off lands of adventure. Order a book for delivery directly to the person or even get them a book voucher from the book store.

A training course

Why not help your loved ones do a bit of self-improvement with online course voucher for something they’ve been interested in or been delaying due to the rush of the pre-Covid world. You can check out something for their career in creative writing, finance or even new hobbies like photography and cooking classes.

Something for the home

We’re spending most, if not ALL our time at home. I’m sure your friend, mom or sister has spoken about upgrading a TV, new bed or even getting a kitchen appliance to make life at home more comfy. Why not shop online at an affordable home appliance, electronic and furniture store and have a new unit delivered. These items may be pricey but there are many affordable and different purchasing models out there for you to look at.


The quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and that makes gifting food a sure win. Send a food hamper of a recipe that they can try at home or food voucher from their favourite restaurant. If you are at home together, cooking for someone will sure bring joy to the kitchen and their heart.

A care package

A thoughtful care package will brighten up anyone’s quarantine. Maybe put together a pyjama set, a puzzle, a bottle of their favourite beverage, coffee packs, cupcakes and even face masks and beauty products. You can easily tailor this for both male and female.

Gifts can let someone know you care about them, whether it’s giving the gift of time with a video call, stay-at-home experience or sending them a package, stay connected to those you love in these small ways during this time.