Date at home


Date night at home? Since restaurants aren’t open for sit down dining and you can’t go out for adventures or recreational activities, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dates at home. You can have so much fun in your kitchen, lounge and outdoor area (if you have one).  

Whether you’ve met someone recently, you’re in a long-term relationship or married – keep the spark alive and give your partner something to look forward to with improvised home or virtual dates. Here are our best date night ideas you can explore during lockdown:

Restaurant at home

The traditional dinner date at a fancy restaurant is out of bounds for now, but there are ways to enjoy this in the comfort of your home. Choose a recipe that you can cook together (this can be done via video if you’re self-isolating apart) and have fun creating your favourite meals.

Set the dinner table, dim the lights and add the candles for an extra romantic feel. If you want an easier option, then order take-out from your favourite fast-food place or restaurant. If you’re doing this over video, sitting down and eating at the same time is a great way to catch up.

Games night

Fun doesn’t have to stop because the world is a little off right now. If you want an interesting way to get to know one another better, try doing a couples quiz, which you can find online. Add a new dynamic and organise a virtual quiz or games night with another couple over Zoom.  For those who have just started dating, this may be a more relaxed way to introduce your partner to your family and friends. Games nights are always a fun way to see each other’s competitive sides and are the best for laughs and jokes.

Happy hour

Missing your boozy nights with your other half? Or coffee dates? During this time it can be so hard to switch off from work and responsibilities as everything is now at home. Agreeing on a happy hour to do whatever you both enjoy doing in that hour to unwind, whether having a lie in or outdoor walk, try find time to spend quality time together and reconnect without the distractions.

Day dates and activities

We shouldn’t forget the dates that can happen during the day, although they seem more exciting at night. You can go for a morning or early evening walk or even do an exercise class or yoga and meditation together in the lounge or outdoor area. If you not living with your partner you can virtually do this or give them a call during your walk instead.

Who can think about romance in the middle of a pandemic?

We’d like to argue that this is exactly when it’s most important to think about companionship – because it’s most threatened during the dreary stay-at-home experience, and because it can make the biggest difference in our lives. Reconnecting doesn’t qualify as an ‘essential service’ but it is emotionally, and can bring so much joy and strengthen your relationship during such uncertain times.