Setting Up Your Child for The Res Life


With January comes the rush of everyone getting ready to head back to school and work after a fun but short Summer Holiday. Parents have prepped their kids to go back to school, whilst also preparing to head back to work themselves. Additionally, there is the general lack of funds after all the carefree spending done during the Festive Season. Now that everyone has more or less settled back into their routines, you can begin to focus on your work and other important matters.

However, there is one other very large change about to occur for some, which will begin sometime in February. For those parents who have children that are heading out to university, the worries are just going to keep piling up. University fees are expensive but what about the added cost and concern of sending a child to live at the residence? Res fees are also extremely expensive, and naturally, as a parent, you will be concerned about the life your child will be living so far away from home.


The best thing that you could do is to ensure that your child is properly set up for res life. Sharing a room with another student will make things a tad more difficult but you can make things easier for your child. You could invest in this awesome Defy bundle which includes a kettle, toaster, and coffee maker which would be perfect for your child as they begin their life away from home for the first time. Having a good breakfast (with a good cup of coffee or tea) will ensure that your child gets an excellent start to a very productive day ahead.

Defy Kettle,Toaster and Coffee Maker

Additionally you could invest in this HP 15 Notebook AND HP Printer bundle so that your child will be able to work and print whenever they want and never have to wait in excruciatingly long lines at the computer labs. This will be a great time-saver and will help in reducing some of the stress that they may encounter when having assignments to complete and tests to study for.


University can be difficult enough, however, you could make it easier by providing your child with some help as they begin the next chapter in their life. By making their res life a little more comfortable, your child is less likely to become homesick, and more likely to focus on and succeed in their studies.