Here’s why you need a maintenance plan while spending more time at home


We often take for granted the convenience that modern household appliances and electronics afford us in our daily lives. It would be hard to imagine life without a working refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine or TV especially during this time that we all have had to stay at home and practice social distancing.

Our household appliances and electronics have been working a little more than usual since the lockdown. It’s so important to show more care in using them and consider investing in a maintenance plan to ensure you’re covered for unexpected repairs that can cost you (unbudgeted) thousands of rands.

When one of your household appliances and electronics start showing signs of despair, the trouble is not only confined to that unit, but can cause many more issues in your home. Faulty appliances and electronics can cause damage that can range from something small that comes from a wear and tear to bigger issues which result in the unit not working at all.

What’s wrong with my washing machine?

Whether your washing machine isn’t cleaning your clothes like it used to or you keep finding leaks after each cycle, don’t ignore the signs that something may be wrong with your machine. Some washing machine problems can be solved easily by just a tightening of a hose, while others may need the work of a professional. If your washing machine is giving you problems, first check the detergent. Using incorrect soaps or too much soap can result in excess clogs that can cause the drum to overfill and leak. Also ensure your machine is completely level on the surface it rests on – if it tips too much to the right or a little to the left water can seep out.

My fridge isn’t cooling

Refrigerators can last long. However always check faults and maintain if need be to ensure the lifespan is longer. The most common failures that you can get as a result of wear and tear are a mechanically locked compressor which is the heart of the cooling system. Without this the fridge cannot function. When this occurs you will hear a constant humming sound, however the compressor replacement with the assistance of a professional may be the most cost-effective option.

What’s the worst that can happen?

When a fizzling and faulty appliance or electronic (let’s say your TV) sends a significant burst of electricity into your electrical system, your circuit breaker might trip. Malfunctioning appliances and electronics can also potentially cause you problems in three ways: surge damage, physical damage and fire damage.

Chances are that you have a home surge protector. However, faulty appliances and electronics send much larger surges and when this happens other units can receive permanent damage in an instant. They may also experience cumulative damage over time from smaller surges, which can affect the lifespan of other appliances and electronics.

With these consequences in mind, it’s important to discontinue use of an appliance or electronic if you suspect there’s a real problem. Seek out a repair professional who can fix the underlying issue and give you the all-clear to plug it in again. Better yet, commit to a long-term investment in a maintenance plan to give you the peace of mind you need without the surprise costs.

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