Happy Mother’s Day in lockdown?


This year’s Mother’s Day will be completely different. While lockdown restrictions may be eased, we are still encouraged to practice social distancing and can only leave the house for essential goods or essential work.

So what does this mean for our Mother’s Day plans? Essentially that brunch that you booked will have to be replaced with a video call. And if you’re lucky to live with your mom, the gifts will have to be delivered or you might have to make it special in another way.

Here are our tips on how you can celebrate the special woman in your life this year:

Organise a family video call

Just because you won't be in the same room, doesn't mean you can't all have lunch together. Arrange a time that everyone can sit down with something to eat and spend an hour chatting. Or, if that's a bit of a logistical nightmare, perhaps just arrange for a present-opening presentation? Everyone can log on to watch your mum open all her gifts – at least you still get to see the smile on her face.

Deliver an essential item that she needs

When the new measures were announced, many businesses will operate to deliver certain essential items like winter clothing, bedding, heating, washing machines, fridges and microwaves. You can shop online for items for mom and arrange a special delivery for her. You can also support a small local business during this time and purchase a spa or hairdresser voucher for when she can use it  (she will definitely NEED it after all of this).

Plan a special menu

Even if sitting down for a traditional Mother's Day dinner at a restaurant is out of the question this year, there are still ways to break bread with your mom to celebrate. Set up the table and have everyone involved in the kitchen to whip up a meal.

A movie night

If watching your favorite classic movies is yours and your mom's thing, you can still do that this Mother's Day. Using Zoom's screen sharing if you’re apart, set up a movie both of you can watch. And to really stay on theme, watch some great ones like Freaky Friday and Mamma Mia – these movies celebrate motherhood in different ways.

Get creative at home

If you feel like being the tear-jerker this Mother's Day, set up a cute PowerPoint with all of your childhood photos and memories. Google some homemade gifts or even create an in-home spa experience. Set it up with candles, soothing music, her favorite tea, maybe an iPad or a favorite book. Just make it a shrine dedicated to her relaxation and then give her all the time she needs to soak and unwind. Enjoy a workout class together. Get your fitness on with an at home or virtual workout. There are plenty of fitness businesses offering free online classes, and YouTube is always a great choice.

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