6 things to consider when buying a new fridge


Check the dimensions: Figure out the dimensions of the area that will accommodate the refrigerator. Then, when you're shopping, find out the height, width, and depth of any units you're considering buying and check to make sure they'll fit in your space. 

Choose a style: A double door top freezer is ideal for people who use lots of ice and/or frozen foods, since they're within reach. A double door bottom freezer is ideal for fresh fruit and vegetable lovers as no bending is required to reach the drawers. A side-by-side fridge allows you to see both compartments at once and is a good choice for large families that need more space and with physically challenged members who need access to both compartments without standing on a step stool or bending, or from a wheelchair.

Check the features: Adjustable shelves can make room for tall items, and temperature-controlled drawers offer cooler temperatures for fish and other delicate items.  

Choose a finish: Stainless steel tops the charts because of its neutral, unifying look. Some versions resist fingerprints. Black or white appliances can also complement many kitchens.

Make sure it’s efficient: Choose an energy efficient model and read the "energy guide" label. This tells you the model's annual cost of operation at various utility rates. It will also give you a quick estimate of annual energy costs compared to other models.

Make sure you can afford it: Where you buy your fridge and how you pay for it is also important. The cost of fridges vary and can get expensive depending on the brand and features you’re looking for, ensure you do your research on different purchasing methods and if you are buying on credit don’t forget that you could be charged interest. Ensure you enter into a flexible agreement to accommodate you should your financial situation change, also ensure delivery and maintenance is included.