A R1-million 98-inch TV – would you consider buying it?


If you have a spare million rand lying round – or at least R999 995 – and you “REALLY” love watching TV, there is a new Samsung 8K QLED 98-inch TV which is likely to join the likes of a Ferrari, a yacht, private jet and the long list of aspirational gear.

Even if it’s just something you gaze at and let your eyes salivate over, the 98” is something else. Honestly where would you even place such a TV? You definitely need a mansion. Would you even invest a million on a TV considering the rate at which technology is advancing?

While you may think the price puts it out of reach, apparently that’s not the case, with a few units already ordered by fortunate individuals out there.

If this TV is a million rand, what does it do for me? Let’s take a look at some features:

  • It features a 97.5-inch display with a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 with HDR 10+ support, backlit by Samsung’s QLED technology. This is 16-times the resolution of Full HD.
  • Samsung has also included features such as automatic adoption, which adapts the TVs brightness and sound to match the conditions of the room it is in, and an “Ultra Viewing Angle”
  • It includes smart home integration, voice assistant and smart speaker compatibility.
  • The 8K resolution perfects reality scene by scene in real time. It takes you into an infinite depth of realism, like you’re walking through each scene as you experience details so precise you can almost touch and feel their presence.

Seems like everything is better on a bigger screen – you experience every goal, feel every explosion and you seem right in the middle of the action.  But let’s ask you one more time, for a million rand is it worth it?

We all have some pretty important purchases to make before crossing this one off the list – a new car, deposit on a house or a new TV which is potentially on sale right now and can actually fit in your home.

What is interesting though is that the progress being made in TV tech appears to be pushing the prices of other more realistically sized TV sets, down. Which is why you can afford to rent-to-own from our wide range of smart TVs  (select the perfect price and size).