Turn your home into a love nest


Love is indeed in the air. For those looking for excitement far beyond the usual night out characterised by a romantic dinner at an expensive restaurant, why not for a change, plan for a quiet romantic time at home by making it even more sentimental and fun with valentine’s decor that will leave an everlasting fond memory.

There are many interior touches to make your home feel a little more treasured and a place to enjoy with your loved one this February 14th. Here are our room-by-room tips for turning your home into a love nest:

Kitchen: The kitchen is arguably the place you spend most of your time and often dubbed as the ‘heart of the home’ and the best place to start. Invest in some Valentine’s crockery whether it’s a coffee mug or a heart shaped plate. This will be perfect for breakfast in bed to start the morning. You can also end the day off with a dinner that you can prepare together – prep the dinner table, add candles for the romance and play some love jams.

Living room: This is the perfect room to create a cosy haven and you can experiment with textures and materials to create a snug retreat. In order to change your lounge area into a love den, remove all distractions and evidence of real life responsibilities. Items lying around and outstanding bills need to be hidden from sight and forgotten about just for the night. Cuddle on the couch with a throw after dinner with scented candles lit and rose petals all over to add a splash of colour.

Bathroom: Adding sensual touches to your bathroom will ensure you turn it into the perfect room for a little ‘relax and unwind’ after a long day. Scented candles, baths oils and soaps are a must for creating a calming atmosphere and a blissful soak for you and your loved one.

Bedroom: Bringing love-inspired home décor to your boudoir could do wonders! Have fun giving your bedroom a romantic makeover by adding cushions (heart-shaped, red ones or with romantic slogans). Changing your light bulbs to a golden glow and scented candles wouldn’t go amiss in the bedroom too, creating a perfect atmosphere for the night.

Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it’s still nice to bring a little more love into your home.