Own this Black Friday with these useful tips!


SA consumers are raring to go come 29 November when many retailers will be offering up to 50% off on big‐ticket items like TVs, gadgets, electronics and appliances. How can you make the most of all the Black Friday deals without losing your sanity?

There’s something about sales that makes people go a bit crazy. Take last November, when a crowd of shoppers smashed the glass doors outside Game in Empangeni, KZN, in their eagerness to be the first to lay their hands on the deals inside. While everyone loves a bargain, it’s best to approach this Black Friday with a cool head by planning ahead.

Remember, it’s not just one day

Black Friday is an annual sales event in the US, traditionally sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although South Africa has only followed the US’s lead since 2016, the bonanza shopping day has quickly gained traction and today many top retailers offer special deals in the run‐up to Black Friday. (It gets its name from the fact that sales are so high on the day that stores are pushed “into the black” or solvency.)

“Because there are deals the week before Black Friday or sometimes for the whole of November, consumers don’t need to panic that they’re going to lose out,” says Aimee Miller, marketing and sales manager at Teljoy. As a rent‐to‐own retailer we’re offering a number of specials in the week leading up to 29 November on everything from appliances, electronics and gadgets, like other stores, it’s keeping the deals close to its chest. “It’s a good idea to follow stores you like on social media and other platforms beforehand, so you’ll be the first to find out what deals they’re offering,” recommends Miller.

Indulge, but be sensible

South Africans are notoriously cash‐strapped and price‐sensitive, which makes Black Friday so appealing. Data from GfK SA shows that while December is the month for spending on Christmas gifts for loved ones, November is the month for spending on luxury items for yourself.

While there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself, particularly after a tough year economically, shoppers still need to approach Black Friday with caution. “Set a budget on how much you want to spend and create a shopping list in advance so you know what you need to get,” suggests Miller. “Black Friday is a great opportunity for you to purchase all your holiday items and save money ‐ if you plan appropriately.”

Although you can pick up bargains in clothing and home decor shops, the best deals are to be found in electronics for big‐ticket items like TVs, smart phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, video games, Kindles and kitchen appliances.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Some consumers get confused about whether to shop on Black Friday, 29 November, or Cyber Monday, 2 December. Miller believes it’s best to shop online this Black Friday and Cyber Monday as it makes economic sense to do so.

“Black Friday is a great time to buy the items you would not ordinarily afford on a normal day. It is a time to take advantage of savings opportunities, and absolutely advisable to do it online in order to save a lot more ‐ than you would in store.”

She recommends that you should have a decent internet connection for both occasions ‐ Black Friday and Cyber Monday ‐ in order to have the best shopping experience.

Participating stores

There are many big retailers licking their lips in anticipation of the bumper sales on Black Friday.

“The best way to get a heads up on Black Friday is to stalk your favourite retailers and follow them on social media,” says Miller. “Do your research on which stores have specials and which shops you’ll be visiting.”

 “Even if you do your research thoroughly, bear in mind that some shops only announce their deals at the last minute,” says Miller, “so keep checking online and when you spot a bargain, be sure to share it so that others can benefit too.”