Teljoy gears up for extended Black Friday 2019


Now’s the time for consumers to start researching the best bargains for this year’s Black Friday retail extravaganza, and to start following retailers online to spot the specials and find out what plans they intend to rollout to ensure seamless shopping experiences.

Online retailer, Teljoy, is inviting shoppers to sign up for its newsletter to get firsthand information on its Black Friday specials, says Aimee Miller, Teljoy’s marketing and sales manager.

Operating on the rent‐to‐own model, We offer items from electronics (such as, laptops, printers and, of course, televisions) to home appliances (including microwaves, fridges and washing machines), and furniture (such as bedroom and lounge suites to coffee tables.

“However, we’re expecting the most popular Black Friday specials will once again this year be those involving electronics and appliances, with the latter also including items such as TVs, gaming and sound systems.

“We’ll therefore be concentrating our own Black Friday hot deals towards these items, particularly television sets, appliances and gadgets,” says Miller.

With Black Friday officially being Friday 29 November this year, Teljoy is also among those online retailers offering an extended Black Friday shopping period, says Miller: “Ours begins as early as Monday 25 November and will run through to 02 December (Cyber Monday).”

To enable our consumers to have the best possible shopping experience, we have recently also upgraded and enhanced our website, which now enables a quick and easy two‐step‐only application process.

Black Friday has in fact become the biggest online shopping day in South Africa, with consumers turning to this method to avoid the long queues and in‐store dramas that seem to have become the norm at bricks‐and‐mortar retail centres across the country. Think scenes of eager crowds breaking shop windows and shoppers involved in hand‐to‐hand combat over items.

“Online really is a much less stressful way to shop, particularly during the Black Friday period,” notes Miller. “Not only does an online site such as ours allow for easy price comparisons, but the checkout process is much faster!”

The company’s website also enables immediate access to a product’s specifications, so that consumers can ascertain that the product they are after is actually able to deliver on their expectations.

Many stores will in fact be offering online‐only discounts this coming Black Friday, and as a result – particularly when compared to normal stores with limited shelf and stock space – a far greater selection of products, with deals less likely to sell out as quickly as they would in a physical shop.

There are also many other advantages of shopping online, among them the ability for consumers to track their order and delivery status to ensure they will know exactly when the goods will be delivered.

In addition, Teljoy offers a set up service as well, with delivery charges included in the cost of the item, says Miller: “Unlike other stores where you may still need to factor in the cost of delivery, or even have to organise it yourself, all at an additional cost.”

Teljoy will also be upping its logistics support over its extended Black Friday shopping experience, and will be delivering across longer hours than usual to ensure products reach customers as soon as possible.

Online retail is also fast becoming a favourite way to shop for South Africans with limited retail options where they live, notes Miller: “Which means that all South Africans can have access to the same Black Friday specials. At a time when the economy is taking a knock, retail events like Black Friday mean that people can access the things they need, particularly large‐ticket items, at a price they can finally afford.”

Plus, because Teljoy services its customers on a month‐to‐month contract on the rent‐to‐own model, there are no additional finance charges as would be found with hire‐purchase agreements, enabling Teljoy’s customers to upgrade, downgrade or even cancel their contracts at any time.

“Consumers therefore have additional peace of mind with us, in making big purchases over the Black Friday period,” says Miller.

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