The fridge face-off


Your refrigerator's design can make a big difference in your daily kitchen experience. Let's take a look at two to types of fridges we offer to get a better sense of how they compare.


Double door fridge

We offer a wide range of double door fridges with both bottom and top freezer options from some of your biggest brands like Samsung, Hisense, Bosch and Defy.


Food is easily accessible

Freezer can hold dishes of various widths

Food can be stacked in the freezer

More energy efficient

Available in more sizes

Great for small kitchens

Cheaper fridge choice


Food can get lost in the bottom of the freezer

Not suitable for those with mobility issues

Water and ice dispenser may increase cost

Storage space can be an issue


Side-by-side fridge

If you have a huge family and looking for something sleek and bigger, we offer side-by-side fridges from some of your biggest brands like Hisense, LG and Defy.


Takes advantage of vertical space

Easy to store tall items and offers more storage space

Most models come with in-door water and ice dispensers


Less energy efficient

Available in fewer sizes

Needs more kitchen space

Reaching top shelves may be difficult


If you’ve been having sleepless nights about how you’re going to kit out your kitchen with a new fridge after you’ve spent so much money on that beautiful house, tonight you can rest easy. There is a savvy secret that will help you create and enjoy the space you want right now – rent-to-own.

Renting quality to own quality means you’re making a financial investment into the future, while not putting yourself hugely out of pocket in the present. For more of the impressive benefits that can be part of your reality in just two easy steps, read on.

Absolute convenience – once your online application is successful, all you have to do is wait for a knock at the door and the rest is taken care of – delivery is to your door and set-up is done for you.

Financial flexibility – renting to own adapts to your dynamic lifestyle. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, and returning or cancelling on a rented item is not a problem.

Minimal responsibility a major advantage of tapping into the rent-to-own opportunity is that all maintenance, repairs, risk cover are no longer your responsibility.

Financial flexibility – You have the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time to suit your financial circumstances. With rent-to own, monthly fees are unaffected by interest rates unlike other credit agreements.