Do laundry smarter with Candy


Candy washing machines are the most intuitive and smart washing machines that have ever been built. Candy products will assist you with your chores while protecting the environment with extremely energy efficient products. This international brand offers a range of practical, high performance, freestanding and built-in appliances – skillfully combining the most advanced technologies with stylish Italian designs.

Our Candy products meet the needs of consumers with innovative, easy-to-use products that offer great value for money. In the digital age, Candy opens the door to a new way of living appliances, to interact and communicate in a direct and intuitive way. Candy has paved the way for a full range of appliances connected via Wi-Fi which can communicate with users remotely.

Here’s what you can rent-to-own from Teljoy’s Candy range:

Washing machines                  

Leading with tech and style, the Candy washing machines have a load capacity of up to 9kg. With this smart touch range you can interact with your machine via an App, which even allows you to download additional programmes.

For example with our Bianca washing machine, it allows you to create a real dialogue through your smartphone. Your new washing machine understands your needs, corrects you in case of possible mistakes and learns about you day after day, giving you the right answers. A never seen before user experience

Washer dryer

Candy washer dryers can wash up to a large 9kg load and dry a 6kg load. They also have an added feature the ‘sensor drying’ so you don’t have to guess the drying time. Simply select from the three pre-set dryness levels. Iron-dry to extra dry and the load will automatically stop when dry.


Candy tumble dryers have a large capacity and you can get one up to 10kg. With the new heat pump technology dryer being rated A++ energy efficient, you can now save on a massive 50% less energy than a standard C rated dryer.