TV review: what makes Skyworth ‘worth it’?


There is a new kid on the block and we’re all excited to give our first impression about this brand. Skyworth likely isn’t a name you’re particularly familiar with. Though the multi-billion-dollar company has been around for 30 years, their audio-visual range has only recently begun to emerge as a serious player in the local market as it’s a first of its kind Android TV in South Africa.

Skyworth is a Chinese brand with the game plan to make inroads in the TV market. Their plan appears to be focused on offering value for money products that consumers will view as too good to pass up. With a manufacturing plant in South Africa, they’re able to import the requisite components from China and build sets locally, helping bring costs down by avoiding the hefty import costs associated with assembled electronics.


We will start with the appearance of this new-born baby, to be precise, the design is sleek and simple. The silver Skyworth logo is placed at the centre of the bottom frame and thin frame runs along the sides and the top screen of the TV. This just adds a lot of vibrancy to the beauty of the panel. Apart from the chrome strip at the bottom, Skyworth chose a pair of correspondingly styled legs to amp up the look of their TVs. On the whole, the TV will add a dash of elegance to your living room with its sleek and classy get-up.

Picture quality and sound

Their UHD TVs serve a good resolution, which is great when viewing Full HD content. To make things more exciting, its brightness and contrast ratio will deliver great picture when you stream hi-res movies and videos. Thus, picture wise their TVs deliver great image quality compared to the price you’ll be paying. The added plus – this TV comes with a built-in sound bar.

Set-up and use

Because it runs on Google’s Android TV operating system, set-up is a breeze. After switching the unit on, you can do the rest of the set-up from within the Google app on your phone. It’ll automatically transfer your Google account info, Wi-Fi details and more straight to the TV through Bluetooth so you don’t have to stand pecking away at a remote control to fill in details. If you use Google smart lock passwords, it’ll even automatically fill in those details for built-in apps like Netflix. For apps that don’t play nice that way, you can use your phone as a remote control for the TV and as a virtual keyboard.

More to your TV

It comes backing Android TV 8.0, which means it has the newer and far more intuitive interface. It comes pre-loaded with most of the apps that you’ll need to enjoy a life of streaming, with Google stalwarts like Play Music and Play TV, but also Netflix. Because it runs on Android TV (and not just Android), it’s certified by Google. That means it’s one of the few TVs or set-tops that can run DStv Now – and it does so perfectly. Of course, as an Android TV set, it has built-in Chromecast so you can beam media to your TV from your phone.

Cutting edge tech

From Google Voice Assist, allowing you to speak to your TV, to rich connectivity via Bluetooth, selecting a TV that has advanced capabilities makes for a smarter TV and one you aren’t likely to need to replace in a few years’ time. With an updatable Android operating system, Skyworth is your best bet when it comes to constantly upgrading your TV without forking out money every time.

Think of it as a TV with the same capabilities as a smartphone – except for the fact that it can’t make calls…yet.