Care tips for your gadgets and electronics


We all love our electronics and gadgets – iPads, tablets, cellphones and TVs, but unfortunately these items are all magnets for dust and dirt, and because of their constant use (and of course how expensive they are) it’s important to keep them clean and protected. Here are tips to ensure these prized possessions last longer:


There are a number of ways to clean your laptop. Use either a can of compressed air, a lint free cloth, a makeup brush or soft bristled brush or a dust buster vacuum cleaner. To start, lightly brush the keyboard with a soft bristled brush and vacuum any lose dirt surrounding the area. Then, use a cloth to clean the keyboard. To protect your laptop always carry it separately in a hard cover case or use a laptop case for storage.


To clean your cell phone, use a lint free cloth to wipe around it. Another method is to use a cloth slightly dampened to clean around the speaker and buttons. Because debris and dirt can build up and clog keys and buttons, it is a good idea to carry your cell phone in a separate case as well.


Like computers and cell phones, TV screens tend to collect dust as well. Before cleaning your TV, turn off the unit first. It’s best to use a LCD or plasma cleaner with a cloth, wipe down the entire screen first and then wipe the surrounding area. Lastly, it’s important for TV’s to have ample air circulation, even it’s mounted on the wall.

You can also ensure your TV is covered against things like lightning damage with an Easyfix Maintenance Plan. For only R99pm you can cover 5 appliances or electronics in your home. This affordable and convenient plan will save you costs of unexpected appliance and electronics repairs. The Easyfix Maintenance Plan will cover call out fees and spares (up to a specified amount). All repairs will be done by a Teljoy accredited agent giving you the peace-of-mind you need in emergencies.

Ipad or tablet

Cleaning your iPad or tablet is almost like cleaning your cell phone because tablets are basically over sized phones. Tablets can attract dirt, get sticky, and are notorious for finger print stains. No need to use any chemicals or moisture when cleaning your tablet. Instead, the best method is to use a micro-fibre cloth. Turn off the device before starting and start by cleaning the surface in one continuous motion. Micro-fibre cloths are great because lint will not be left behind and once completed these special cloths will leave your screen looking very shiny.