Find the perfect sound


Too many people these days stick to the speakers that come with their TVs, instead of investing in sound quality. A good TV is important, but great sounding TVs are only going to improve your viewing experience. If you aren’t sure what surround sound is – or why you should bother – let’s take some time to break it down for you, we don’t want this blog falling on deaf ears so have a read:


What is it?

Surround sound is sound that physically surrounds you. Instead of just having two speakers that are part of your TV, surround sound systems allow you to place speakers throughout your entertainment space. This means instead of just hearing sound in front of you while watching Netflix, you’ll hear sound coming from all angles. It’s a more natural way to experience sound, as it mirrors the way that sound works around us in our day-to-day lives.


What can it offer me?

Quality! TVs are only getting thinner and thinner – which means there’s less room for the speakers.

Almost any set of external speakers you buy is going to sound better than what comes already attached to your TV.

Volume is another area where surround sound is king. No more straining to hear the pitiful sound squeaking out from your TV speakers. Surround sound speakers will give you that loud, theatre experience you are looking for, right from the comfort of your own living room.

And then, of course, there’s the whole surround aspect of it. While watching movies, you’ll hear sound all around you – not just in front of you. Explosions will rumble the floor from your powerful subwoofer, and you’ll feel like you are in the middle of the action with noises passing by left and right.


Finding the perfect sound

An important part of the process in finding the perfect sound system is to consider the space they’ll be operating in.  The size will determine the effects of the speakers – small, closed in rooms with walls on all sides are not great environments for large speakers. They take up lots of space and load the room with bass so in this case you’d rather purchase a sound bar.

Hard surfaces like walls and floors are good sound’s enemy. To calm down the echo and get better sound consider placing more furniture, drapes , carpets and plants – this will help break up hard surfaces and create better sound. If you also spent so much time and money making a room look nice make sure you also get speakers that will compliment that space.


Tuning things up

Get yourself set up with a home theatre system or a sound bar and add another dimension of sound from Teljoy’s wide range of sound systems.  

There’s a lot of sound out there for you – you just need to open your ears to hear it!