Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your home


Do you want to do things differently this year rather than going to an overcrowded restaurant? Or are you on a budget or have kids to think about? Whatever the case may be, here’s a low-budget, home-friendly option that will do the trick this Valentine’s Day.


Here’s what you can do without feeling like you have to leave your home to get the love in:

Get creative with the food

What better way to celebrate your affection for someone than by making them the food they love, right? Look online for recipes for a romantic dinner for two and get the ingredients and invest in the right kitchen tools.

Add a little love to your dinner or dessert, think heart-shaped pancakes, cookies, pizza, cakes, and more. You can even try this creativity together – after all, working together on a single project brings you closer together in unison.

Add ambience

In the midst of a messy kitchen and children’s toys scattered across the floor, it can be hard to ignite that passion. But once the night is yours, set the mood and really get into it. Play music and light up scented candles, you can dance to some of your favourite songs or even your wedding song.

Sneak in a surprise

Having a surprise up your sleeve that only you know about will add that final touch to the Valentine’s Day celebration. It could be a small gift of appreciation, if money is tight there are plenty of budget friendly options like rent-to-own. Get your wife that fridge that she’s been eyeing or get your hubby the Xbox or TV  they’ve been talking about for a fraction of the cost.

Do something together

Pick something that you both like or would be interested to do together. It could be watching a movie, playing a board game, giving each other a massage, singing karaoke, dancing or even playing video games together. Whatever you decide on, make sure that each person is happy. If you find that you are one of those ‘opposites attract’ couples who don’t have that many hobbies in common, make a compromise. He’ll watch a ‘chick flick’ with you if you play some video games with him.