New year, new home: simple tips to revamping your home


This year add variety to your resolutions with a vow to revamp your space. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to create a home environment that’s fresh, efficient and always inviting. Living a more fulfilling way of life starts at home, so that means doing something new and different with your décor can invigorate your life and your outlook for 2019.

Follow these four simple steps and give your home a new look for the new year:

  • Get efficient: Before giving your home a makeover, follow the old adage ‘out with old, in with the new’. De-cluttering hordes of stuff you’ve amassed over the last 365 days may seem like a daunting task, but tackling one room at a time makes it feasible. Maybe you can even start by reading a step-by-step guide online to help you better organize your things.

Think about ways to simplify your space, while keeping it cozy and reflective of your personal style. Also, consider furniture arrangements conducive to entertaining friends or enjoying your favorite pastimes, like reading or watching movies. A clean, organised home space ultimately brings efficiency to your everyday life.

  • Research and get advice: Before painting, re-arranging existing furniture or buying new pieces for your home, spend some time looking at 2019 styles and trends and where you can purchase these items. As you start the new year it’s important to make a budget, consider new purchasing methods that will be good for your pocket like rent-to-own. You can get appliances, electronics and furniture on rent-to-own, this month-to-month contract allows you the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time to suit your financial circumstances. 
  • Get colorful: One of the easiest and boldest ways to give your home a new dose of style is a new coat of paint. If you’re not ready to wield a paintbrush, consider incorporating colour in the form of accent pillows, throw rugs or curtains. You can also pull out an underused accent color from your current décor and give it more prominence. Use it as inspiration for runners, flowers or plant containers.
  • 4. Get stylish: If you decide new furnishings are the way to go, there are a variety of arrangements to explore. For example, swapping out an old, worn love seat with timeless couches and ottomans could mean head-turning results for your living room furniture.  Maybe you can consider splurging on the new dining room table you’ve been eyeing for months, can infuse your space with style. Do something different with your furniture and maybe get a burgundy gas stove or even a black fridge and washing machine.

Smaller, but equally dramatic updates can achieve the same results. From floor lamps and table lamps to chandeliers, choosing new lighting dramatically changes your home’s ambience and decor.