To freeze or not to freeze?


So, you’re thinking about getting a chest freezer or a bigger fridge, but you’re not really sure if you need it. It’s a common question in the household: Well, do you have a large family? Do you live far from town? Do you hunt? Are you a serial killer? Ok ignore that last part.

There are a few factors that will tell you if it’s time to add that big fridge or chest freezer or to your home, and we’re here to help you out. Take these reasons into consideration when you and your family are discussing to buy one.


Your family eats a lot

If you have a large family, there is no question about it – you need more freezer space. You will need to store all your frozen foods for the next couple of months (or month depending on your family) so you won’t need to go shopping every other day to keep your loved ones from starving. Your refrigerator’s freezer can also only hold so much food, so having a chest freezer to back you up saves you driving back and forth to the grocery store. Especially if you cook with a lot of meat products, having a chest freezer is the smart way to go.

You throw parties often

If you are a big on hosting parties, having sufficient freezer space is a dream come true. This will be great during  this festive season as you can prepare lots of food a few days before the party and store it in the freezer, helping relieve any stress.

You live far from town

Sometimes it’s not that easy to drive into town once a week. Sometimes it’s even difficult to make time once a month. If you live in the country or a rural area, driving to your local grocery store could be a huge hassle and take a large chunk out of your day. With a larger fridge or chest freezer, you can easily store month’s worth of food, so you don’t need to drive out of the way that often. The same goes for people without a car or an easy way of getting around. A chest freezer will keep you satisfied and good to go for a couple of months, making your grocery trips happen less frequently.


There are multiple reasons to get a larger fridge and a chest freezer that we didn’t even cover here, such as how buying in bulk is usually a cheaper route or if you have a garden, how they come in handy in preserving the produce.

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