TV stand vs wall mount: which one is right for you?


It may be a tough decision and while it isn’t one that’s going to haunt you forever it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carefully consider this when putting your new entertainment centre together. There are several things you need to consider before making the decision whether to place your TV on a stand or mount it.

What to consider if you want to place your TV on a stand:


  • TV stands are easy to move when you want to rearrange the furniture layout in your room or sell your home.
  • They are attractive pieces that can tie your living room together or make a design statement.
  • TV stands tend to be large pieces of furniture, so they can offer convenient storage for your media, décor and books.


  • Televisions that are placed on stands, as opposed to wall mounted TV’s, can be easily reached by children and pets, which increases the chance of damage or injury. 
  • Not suitable for all environments – if you don't have enough space or the right room arrangement. They work best in living rooms that have a dedicated television wall. In bedrooms, kitchens or cramped spaces? Not so much.
  • Limited viewing height and angle as the TV is limited to a static piece of furniture. To alter the height of your TV for optimised viewing height, you will either need to add height to the TV stand (which is not safe) or you'll have to mount the TV to the wall. TV’s atop stands can only move from side to side on their base, but they don't have full mobility.


What to consider if you want to mount your TV to a wall:


  • Space saver. You can use them with a TV stand so this offers additional storage space on top of the stand.  
  • Allows you the ability to use a variety of TV mounts (Flat, Tilt and Swivel).
  • TV’s are less likely to get scratched or damaged by children or pets since they are out of reach.
  • Wall mounting provides more of a focal point to your television, like a piece of art on your wall this is an optimal cleaner look.


  • Televisions can be heavy, so it’s vital to ensure the TV is connected properly and bolts are secure, as you can end up with an expensive mess on the floor.
  • Since mounting requires the use of hardware, it can cause some superficial damage to the wall and finished surfaces, which may not be suitable if you’re renting or homeowners who move frequently.
  • The main disadvantage of a wall-mounted TV is that it takes a little more effort to get things set up than with a TV stand.


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