How to shop online like a pro this Black Friday


With discounts on gadgets, clothing, furniture and appliances, Black Friday is renowned as a fantastic opportunity to get the things you’ve been wanting all year long or even buy your Christmas presents and save.

With so many deals, this day can become overwhelming with long queues and crowds pushing and fighting over items – which may make shopping online the better option. As an online retailer we’ve given you some advantages of shopping online this Black Friday and how you can do it like a pro:


Advantages of shopping online:

  • Less stress, faster checkout & easy price comparison. One of the biggest appeals of online shopping is the ease in which you can order and pay.  
  • As with in-store only deals, many retailers will be offering online-only discounts. Compared to your normal stores that have limited shelf and storage space, online retailers offer a greater selection of products. Therefore popular deals are less likely to sell out quickly.
  • It’s easier to review discounts across multiple sites on your browser to get the best discount on the product you want instead of driving from store to store. If you shop online with Teljoy, delivery & set-up will be included, unlike buying at a store where you would still need to organise transport for your item or pay an additional charge for delivery. Online consumers can track their order status and delivery status at every stage with Teljoy – offering you the peace-of-mind knowing exactly when you can expect delivery.  
  • For shoppers who live in an area with limited retail options, online is the best place to shop. For the most part, you can find comparable Black Friday deals online and you don’t have to miss out on a favorite retailer’s sale event just because you can’t get there in person.


How to shop online:

Get stalking on social media

Make sure you’re following all the brands you might want to shop at come Black Friday on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and get sneak peaks on their offers or further discounts. The links on their social pages will take you directly to their website for you to purchase online. Be careful though, there are plenty of fake deals to be found on social media. 

Sign up to newsletters

Some retailers will offer Black Friday discounts and exclusive offers ahead of time to members or registered users. Signing up to newsletters and making an account with retailers could get you access to these deals ahead of other customers.

Set up online accounts ahead of the big day

Get ready by signing up for online accounts with all the shops you might want to shop at. If you’re serious about bagging a bargain this Black Friday, store your details so you can get online fast without wasting your precious time.

Use bookmarking to keep track

Organisation is everything on a shopping day as hectic as Black Friday. If you're really invested in a purchase, chances are you’ll spend some time on the big day comparing prices across websites, reading reviews and checking email confirmations of purchases. All web browsers have a ‘bookmark’ function which you can later delete.

There is no reason to avoid online shopping out of paranoia this Black Friday! Just stay alert, observe safe shopping practices and you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience.