How to figure out what size TV you should purchase?


Finding the best TV can be surprisingly tricky. There are so many factors to consider, for example how far away you’ll be sitting from your TV? Are you going to mount it to a wall? What resolution are you going for? As the company who brought the first TV-sets to South Africa, we’ve got a few tips to help you find the perfect TV size for you:

Which room is it for?

The first question to ask yourself before buying a new TV would be where you want to place your TV. Once you’ve chosen the location, measure the height, width and depth of the spot (there may be limitations due to the size of an entertainment area or the amount of space on the wall). You’ll find for example, that there are TVs with 55-inch screens that are physically larger than others, so ensure you look at the TV’s overall dimensions.

How wide is your TV stand?

The second size related consideration is the TV stand. Even if you’re going to mount your TV, you’d still need your TV stand as a measurement – you don’t want the TV to be wider than the TV stand. You need to ensure the space you plan to place the TV is wide enough to accommodate it.

How far away will the screen be?

You need to think about where people will be watching the TV from. You can even use a viewing distance calculator if you’re not sure. The size should always be determined by the viewing distance. You can go as big as you like provided you’re not in close proximity to your TV.

Size vs picture quality

The biggest TV might sound great, but don’t compromise picture quality. It’s best to balance size with picture quality for long-term enjoyment.  

Finding the best TV for you shouldn’t be a hassle! Check out our wide range of TV’s and you’ll have no trouble finding a TV that will fit your home and improve your viewing experience.