How to get your home ready for summer


Make sure you embrace the lazy days of summer and get all your chores done in advance to make sure the season is a leisurely breeze. Here are a few interior updates you can do in the house to make sure it’s fit for the warmer weather:

Summer accessories

Update your space with lighter, brighter accessories and remove anything that evokes heat – like rugs, draping’s, heaters, thick blankets and throws. Replace the candles with vases filled with fresh cut flowers and trade your winter mats for lighter and maybe white ones. Winter is out of mind and needs to be out of sight too!

Change things up in the kitchen

With all the fresh fruits and veggies you’ll be eating this summer it may be time to empty your fridge and freezer and defrost it fully, melting any icy build-up. Insect activity spikes in warm weather and any spills or unsealed containers are magnets for pests. Take everything out of your upper and lower cabinets and off the pantry shelves, then wipe down all the shelves and replace the items.

Move around kitchen appliances and pull out or get new ones for the summer. Swap the slow cooker for a blender, water purifier and Nutribullet or ditch the pasta maker for an ice maker.

It’s time to enjoy the outdoors

Create an outdoor extension of your indoor living space: comfortable, clean and filled with your favourite things. Bring comfort outdoors with gorgeous patio furniture to entertain and enjoy the sun. You can also add a gas braai, bar fridge and a TV to make this place comfy for you and your family.

Freshen your airflow

It may be time to invest in an air-conditioner before the temperatures rise. This will ensure there’s a cool breeze in the house. If you already have one, replace your air-conditioners filter or have your central air professionally looked at. You’ll breathe easy not having to deal with air-cooling malfunctions in the sweltering summer heat.

Once the strong summer sun starts shining through them, you’re going to see how dirty your windows really are! This is the time to thoroughly wash your windows – inside and out to let the sunshine in. Clean and store those thick, heavy, double-layered draperies and replace them with thin curtains that sheer in the light with airy colours to embrace the summer sun.

Stock up for summer

Stock up on summer essentials. Fill your medicine cabinet with sun block, aloe and insect repellent. In the pantry, keep a picnic basket prepped with colourful cloths and biodegradable or plastic dishware. In your linen closet, store picnic blankets and fresh, fluffy beach towels.